GTA 6 Release Date: Rumours, News and Trailer Detail

Grand Theft Auto or GTA 6 is a most awaited game. Many gamers love to play the GTA game because of its many exciting elements and they are eagerly waiting for the new series in the game. Also, there are lots of speculations surrounding the game. The trailers of the game are storming the internet. There are also leaks and rumors about the game. The action-adventure game is from Rockstar North and the publishers are Rockstar Games. You can find all the details about this open-world game here. Find out about GTA 6 game plot, gameplay and other new additions. 

What can we expect from GTA 6? 

There are many GTA trailers on the internet. Many of them are available on Youtube and other social media platforms. But do you know that none of the trailers is from the official sources? The Rockstar North is yet to release the trailer of GTA 6. According to some sources they are going to release it soon. Moreover, the trailers you see on Youtube are just fan-made. 

But the fan-made videos are awesome. One thing common about such videos is the car dropping down through a parachute and the player riding it to a destination. Many other cars also follow it. Furthermore, there are also bikes racing in the game. The quality of the graphics in the video is also good. As the fans make the video based on GTA 6 rumours we can expect these excellent additions in the original game itself. 

The upcoming game is going to be available on the computer too and also the consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. But until the official trailer releases we have to enjoy the fan-made trailers.  

Know about GTA previous game? 

The Grand Auto Theft series happens in lots of fictional universes. The graphics used in each of the games in the series differentiates it. In the GTA previous game that is Grand Theft Auto V, we saw lots of violent scenes. The game always got caught in controversies for its showcase of sexual scenes as well as scenes of torture. Some of the scenes had kneecapping, dental extraction, waterboarding and more. So we can expect the new GTA 6 to have less inappropriate scenes compared with its previous games. This will ensure that it follows all the guidelines. 

Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer

Assumptions about the GTA 6 Gameplay

As with the previous games the new game will also have the player to have the role of a criminal in a large city. He will begin as an individual who will rise to the ranks of becoming an organised crime unit. Moreover, he will have many missions in the game to become a successful criminal. He will get to meet many infamous kingpins and idols in the city. Also, he has to assassinate and get involved in violent activities to become a criminal. He will get the chance to drive a taxi, shoot, drive a bus, helicopters and more. As it is an open-world game the player can also visit clubs and many other places to fraternise with the members belonging to the world of crime. 

As most of the GTA Games happen in the US we can expect GTA 6 to also take place in some particular period in the country. The three universes will become part of the game and that are 2D, 3D, and HD. Some of the background characters in the game may also make appearances. Many famous actors and other personalities give a voice to the characters in GTA. Therefore in GTA 6 also we can expect some famous people to lend their voices. Wait for the game to release so you can GTA download on PC, mobile and iOS


These are the information we have gathered about GTA 6. Enjoy playing the game as it will be available soon.

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