How to Add a Custom Background to Microsoft Teams

When you are in a Microsoft video call obviously you would not want your colleagues to see how messy your background is. Fortunately, Microsoft teams offer you to blur the background, in fact you can also use the custom background effects to add little fun in your meetings.

How to add background in Microsoft Teams

Not everyone can use the custom background effect in Microsoft teams. Because teams are mostly handled by the organization, and not everyone is able to add the background effects.

So, it is important that the company should allow this feature to you so that you can take advantage of it. However, in some conditions you might need to update the teams to make this feature available for you. While in other conditions this feature may show up a day after your company releases it.

If you are using Microsoft teams and if you want to choose a background and cannot get it, check with your company if the feature is available.

Microsoft Teams Custom Background

Do you want to check if the background feature is available to you? Click on the three-dot icon while you are on the video call in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. If you see the Show Background Effects menu item, then the feature is available to you.

How to add a custom background effect

Eager to use backgrounds during Microsoft teams meetings? Just follow these methods.

  1. Join in the meetings as you do usually and then click on the camera icon from the bottom toolbar to turn on the camera.

  2. In the bottom, the toolbar clicks the three horizontal dots icon.

  3. Click on Show background effect in the pop-up menu.

Teams meeting - Dot SelectionTeams meeting - Dot Selection

  1. On the right side of the screen a panel with option will appear. Scroll through the list and select the background effect you want to use.

  2. Now select the Preview option to see how you will like against the effect, before applying it for the audience to see it.

  3. The preview will appear at the bottom of your screen. If you do not like it you can choose another background effect. Once you select the background you want to use click on Apply and turn on video.

  1. Now every time you call and join the meeting, you will have the background effect that you chose.

Microsoft Teams custom Background

However, Microsoft Teams comes with thousands of background options by default, you still might want to add your own custom background.

Right now, Teams does provide you with the feature to add your own custom background. You can select + Add New button and this is feature is added for user-added backgrounds of your own choice. You can click and browse the photo which you wish yo show in the background.

Some other ways to add you own Microsoft Teams Backgrounds:

Some of the users say that we can add our own background now. Check your hard drive for the following folder:

  • Windows: Users > (User name) > AppData > Microsoft > Teams > Backgrounds > Upload.

  • Mac: Users > (User name) > Library > Application > Support > Microsoft > Teams > Backgrounds > Upload.

You can select the following steps above if you already have that folder. You will have some good accessing privileges on your PC to reach this folder, not everyone has those.

Is Microsoft Teams Free ?

Any person or customer which have email address can sign up for Teams and can download for free from Microsoft official website. You can also purchase the Microsoft 365 at Origination level use.

What is the main purpose of Microsoft Teams?

The main purpose of Microsoft Teams to connect people whether personal level or company level for Meetings, Group chat, Audio or video calls , Sharing the documents and Screen sharing any many more.

.What is the main purpose of Microsoft teams?

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