How to add People to WhatsApp Groups without saving their Number

The Facebook-owned chatting, video calling, and voice calling app called Whatsapp have made our life easy. We can use it to connect with our friends and also to connect with the customers in business. That is why WhatsApp is one of the popular apps in the world. There are group chat facilities in WhatsApp where we can add many people and talk with them. But do you know that you can also add someone to the WhatsApp group without saving contact? Many businesses today get a number and add that number to their business group account. This will enable the client to know about the latest developments. So if you want to know how to add members to the WhatsApp group then continue reading.

What can you do with the Group chat feature?

With the group chat feature on WhatsApp, you can share files, photos and messages with your family, friends and customers. If you create a group on WhatsApp there will be an option in it to add participants. Then you can add a profile picture for the group and name it as well. Moreover, all the members of the group can receive the message at the same time. Therefore this will enable all the participants in the group to stay updated on information. The people who create the group will be the group admin. They will have full control of who to add and who to remove from the group. They can also assign someone as the group admin. This is how groups chat on WhatsApp works.

How to add contacts to the group? 

You can add people to WhatsApp without saving their number by following the steps below.

  • Firstly you have to ensure whether you are in the chats tab on WhatsApp. After that click on the WhatsApp group you have created.

  • Next, inside the group tap the three dots on the upper right corner. Then click the group info option.

  • After clicking that option you will find Invite via link option. Click it.

  • On another screen, you will get WhatsApp Group Invite Link. There will be a message in it that will invite a person you want to join the group. You can copy and share the link to the contacts that you have not saved. Then if they wish they can join the group. You can send the link through Gmail or WhatsApp.

  • If you have the question of how to add multiple contacts in the WhatsApp group at once then you can also send this link at the same time to the people whom you want to share. This will enable you to add people at once if they accept the invitation.

How to revote the invitation link?

If you add unsaved contacts in the group you may never know who may join the group. So if this happens you can revoke the group invite by following the points below.

  • Tap the three dots menu in the WhatsApp group.

  • Click the group info option.

  • Then tap invite via the link.

  • After that, there will be an option called revoke the link.

  • In the confirmation pop up click the revoke link. 

  • At last, click OK to revoke the link.


Follow the steps above to add the people without saving their numbers. These steps will help you to maintain a business account and to get more customers.

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