How to convert .mkv to .mp4 without compromising quality

One of the famous file formats is .mkv but some devices do not support it. So, there is a method to fix this issue. You can opt for formats that can covert the .mkv to .mp4. There is software to perform this conversion and the steps are easy. You can do it on your own without any help. Therefore, here are the ten windows tools for you to convert the .mkv to .mp4. Also here are some of the third-party apps as well. Moreover, you can also use the video player to do the task. Continue reading to know more. 

Why do you need to convert from .mkv to .mp4? 

Not suitable 

There is a great chance for the .mkv files to not prove suitable for various devices. They may not open. This is because they can get encoded with the other codecs like VP9, HEVC, MPEG4, H.264, VP8, and more. Therefore, if you open the file you may only find a black screen and no sound. 

Large File Size

This format is widely used for HD/4K videos which can occupy many gigabytes. Therefore, most of the media players may not have the features to play big files. 

MP4 has good quality 

MP4 has the support of many devices. Then it also plays the videos in the format with great video and audio. There is no worry of MP4 losing out on the benefits of .mkv because it is good. You can also take out some of the unwanted tracks in the .mkv to make the file small in MP4 after conversion. 

1. VLC 

  • First, download the VLC and install it on your device. Also, there is a portal version of the device available. 

  • Then open the VLC and go to the option media> convert\save. 

  • Press the Add button and select the MKV file which you prefer to convert.

  •  Click the arrow near the Convert / save and select convert. 

  • After that perform Profile to Video – H.265 + MP3. 

  • Select the destination directory and press start. 

  • Now the conversion process will begin. 

2. Cloudconvert

  • Go to the Cloudconvert website.

  • Now press the Select File and then upload the file. Or you can also link the file from the cloud storage. 

  • You may also change the conversion settings if you prefer. 

  • Lastly, after the process is over you can download the MP4 file. 

3. Handbrake

  • Start to download the Handbrake software and then install it. 

  • Now add the MKV file which you would like to convert.

  • Then choose the MP4 as the output format and start to customise the settings. 

  • Lastly, begin the conversion and then wait for the process to start. 

  • You have to remember that Handbrake is a good converter so you have to know about different settings to get the results. 

4. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WinX HD Video Converter DeluxeWinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

This is a converter that you can use to convert .mkv to .mp4. It supports various formats which will allow you to convert the files easily. Furthermore, this software works with camcorders, cameras, drones are more. Also, you can optimize the file for mobile and other kinds of devices. It has features like-

  • Hardware acceleration

  • Basic video editing 

  • Lossless compression 

  • Downloading videos

  • 47x faster

5. Wondershare UniConverter


This is software that can convert the files. It supports some of the file types like MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, ACC, OGG, FLAC and more. You can optimize this software for iOS and Android devices. Moreover, you can use it on gaming consoles too. This software can also perform batch file conversion so you will be able to convert many videos easily. Some of the great features of Wondershare UniConverter are-

  • It supports 1000 video and audio formats

  • The conversion speed is fast 

  • It allows screen recording

  • It can download videos 

  • DVD burning

How to convert the files to PC and Mac? 

After downloading the converter of your choice you have to follow the three steps given here to convert the files. 

Load the .mkv files 

Open the software and load the .mkv files you want to convert. Press the + Video button and then browse the target files. If you want to convert the multiple MKV files then choose the batch conversion option. This will save you lots of time. 

Choose the MP4 in the output profile

After loading the files the output panel will open automatically. You will find lots of preset MP4 output profiles. Select the ones that you need. Choose the MP4 Video which will be under the General Profiles category. This will balance the size and quality of the video. 

Furthermore, there is also an optional step. In the lower right-hand corner of the screen, you can input MKV that gets encoded by H264 or H265 codec. You can keep this codec. This will, enable you to perform the conversion without decoding or re-encoding. Also copy the media file from MKV to MP4 format. Then the speed will get increased to ten times faster than transcoding. 

Begin it now 

Before the process is complete you can modify the destination folder. The output files will get stored in C:\Users\admin\Videos\WinXVideos\. Then select the file by clicking the Browse button. Then press run which will be a blue round option. This will start the conversion. After that, you will be able to play the output MP4 video on the PC and Mac. 


Without compromising on the quality, you can convert the .mkv to .mp4 with the help of windows tools and third-party apps. It is a great way to use the files you want. 

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