How to Create a Fillable PDF with an Electronic Signature

The signature field allows you to add an empty digitized signature to a document, therefore a dialog opens and asks them to confirm once a signer clicks on the field.

How do we make a fillable PDF electronic signature?

  1. Select View and then tools after you open a PDF file.

PDF with an electronic signaturePDF with an electronic signature

  1. 2. Tap on Fill and Sign then click on sign.


  1. 3. Select the Add Sign option.

Add SignAdd Sign

  1. 4. In the second window you select three options: Type, Draw and Image.

Add Sign options - imageAdd Sign options - image
Different Sign options – Browse any image as sign

  1. 5. After you create the signature, select Apply.

  2. 6. You can position the signature in the PDF.

Add Sign options - image applyAdd Sign options - image apply
Select position to place Sign

Editing the digital signature

  1. Open your PDF file in nitro pro.

  2. Therefore, now launch the forms tab and then in the Form fields do any of the following.

  3.  Click on the field type that corresponds to the field you wish to edit.

  4. Or click on the Select Fields.

  5. Tap on the signature field and so any of the followings:

  • From the Properties tab, edit it from the signature field.

  • Right Click on the Signature and choose Properties. And in the signature Properties dialog you can edit it.

You can use an online tool digital signature.

  1. You can opt for a free trial from DocuSign website.

  2. Now Upload the PDF document.

  3. Add your comments, signature and tags.

  4. Create the PDF and sab form for future use.

  5. Sign your PDF file and send it.

After you do this, DocSign will by default save your document in the cloud, however, you can always access that file when you want it.

After the submission of the document in step 2 above it will convert the field to digital fillable. However, if the forms you uploaded file does not have any fields, you might have to make them on your own.

Therefore, after you get onto the final step you do not need to print, fax or mail the document. Therefore, you can directly send it from the web app.


We have created this blog to create a PDF fillable with signs, you must follow the simple process and use a dedicated software.

However, there are many other programs that can help you get your goal and make sure you try them. Therefore, select the best option which is the best for you and according to your need. However, there are many options as we discussed above which are online, you can refer to it, and it the digital sign.

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