How to create a YouTube channel Step-by-Step Guide

People say an image has much more impact than your words. When you further know your 6 hrs. video when you upload it every second and each video has 25 still images. That makes quite a lot of words. One of the major advantages of social media is how it encourages us to create online video content and share it. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for the business owners to enhance their business growth.

In this article we will learn how you can create your YouTube channel and grow your business. Social media is always a great way to groom up and accelerate your small business or start up.

6 ways to show how to start a YouTube channel and make money:

  1. Activate your YouTube channel.

  2. Pick an art for your channel.

  3. Customize your YouTube channel.

  4. Now upload your first fine videos.

  5. Make a trailer for your channel.

  6. Shout out for your new YouTube Channel.

Things to consider when starting your YouTube channel

Let us answer few questions that you should consider when making a YouTube channel and grow it accordingly.

Who is your target Audience?

Make sure and consider what is the target market you want to reach? Are they YouTubers or do they make their video content on a different platform? Either you can choose YouTube as a social platform, or also you can use it just to host your videos, which you can link into your website.

What all video assets or things do you already have?

Starting your YouTube channel in 2021 is going to be really great! You can use the existing tools for your video to host or repurpose your video channel, it can be a great method to start it. But making your own video can be easier for you to select your own choice themes and the topics you wish to share.

It’s a great way to make a social media strategy for content so that you can keep count of the analysis of your YouTube channel.

Some important skills and tools:

To start up with your YouTube video, you will only be needing a smartphone that has a decent camera or maybe a webcam. We suggest you create your video and invest in good tools like a tripod, a good microphone, and a light ring for your videos.  In matters of skills, you need to carry a good facial expression like good eye contact, motivation, and a big smile.

How to start a YouTube Channel for Beginners:

  1. Activating your YouTube Channel

If you already have a Google account then you are all set to start your channel, you just need to click at the top right and select the google account and use it. It will ask you to create a business account or a personal account, choose accordingly.

Choose a unique name or a business name for your channel which the other people can also access easily and find it attractive at the same time. Enter your channel name or company name as the name there, and your YouTube channel is now ready.

If you do not have your Google account yet, then you will have to make one first.

  • Pick an art for your channel

Now at the top of your page you provide a cover picture for your channel. This is known as your channel art; you can select any image and you can change it at any time you want.

Make sure when you are choosing the background image, it should be a high-resolution image and should be according to the service you provide. We suggest using your logo as your channel icon. You can change it by clicking and editing the profile picture, hovering over the icon next to your account.

  • Customizing your YouTube Channel

Now go to the About tab by clicking on the Customize your channel button. Here you will have to enter the description for your channel and provide the audience with your contact details. Additionally, also give links to your other social media websites or business accounts. These links will be there on your channel predominantly as hyperlinks.

How to create a Youtube channel Step-by-Step Guide - Customize ChannelHow to create a Youtube channel Step-by-Step Guide - Customize Channel
Customise your Channel
  • Upload the first video

Now that your channel is ready you need to focus on its content. If you already have the videos available for the channel. Then click on the top right button and upload the first video.  Once you upload it you now need to give a good description for your video.

How to create a Youtube channel Step-by-Step Guide - Video UploadHow to create a Youtube channel Step-by-Step Guide - Video Upload
Upload New Video

Make sure you pay close attention writing the description as this will appear in the search. You can edit your video after they are on the YouTube channel. You can blur, trim it, add audio and end screen and effects or filters too.

 In case you do not have any video at hand with you, you can create a live video on YouTube. But make sure it requires planning to create one. But it’s ok you can still give it a try as you can always delete the video before you upload it on your channel and make it live.

  • Make a trailer for your channel

Your audience can see a featured video which you decide for them to watch and it will give a good impact to your channel.

You can introduce your audience about the learnings you will provide through this channel. Introductory trailer is useful as it helps the people to understand the taste and to know what you actually provide.

  • Shout out for your channel

You can always market your YouTube channel in your other social media, as now many social media provide you with this feature.

Especially if you are planning to keep your YouTube channel as your primary work then it is essential for you to market it.

Start by creating an email newsletter, then create a social media post attaching the video and channel details to invite the audience.

You can always opt for paid marketing on your social media to reach more people. And also, you can make a partnership with other already good running pages to post your content as their ads.

As YouTube channels are hard to grow organically, it therefore requires to build your audience by putting in your efforts to make it appear among them.


All your answers to the questions regarding the YouTube channel are here. Whether you think about how to start a YouTube channel from scratch or how to create your YouTube account. If you follow these steps, we are sure you will be able to reach out to many people.

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