How to Download Paid Apps for Free on iOS Without Jailbreak

Many iPhone users keep on searching for downloading paid apps for free and they also want it without jailbreak. The application on iTunes and the apple app store are increasing in price every day. The cost of the application is about $ 0.99 to $ 9.99 in the apple app store and iTunes. Mostly when you give a thought to download your desired app and check for it in the app store it would cost around $ 5.99 and more. So you give a second thought whether to buy it or not. So today in this article we will learn how to get paid apps for free on ios.

It is the human tendency to look for paid things and get them for free but iPhone users actually love the apps in the ios and app store. Especially if it comes to gaming an iPhone user can understand it better than what all pleasure they may get playing them. The apps in ios are very amazing and compatible as compared to Android phones. iPhone users spend a lot of money in purchasing those apps, but ultimately it takes a toll on their pockets as well. So if you are looking at how to save your money yet getting your favorite paid apps for free, then read ahead.


  • Safer downloading can be done on iPhone and ipad.

  • It will not hinder you phone’s warranty

  • It will certainly not damage the device

  • There is no need of jailbreak or pc to get free apps

  • You can access the paid apps like Spotify ++ Snap chat ++ Minecraft and so on

  • It is an easy way to get costly apps

Let us first understand what is jailbreak? What does it mean to jailbreak your iPhone? Does Jailbreak hinder or void your phone warranty?  So yes jailbreaking means it is getting access to the root of ios device which means your warranty can be void. Your device might not get any future updates for ios. So it is not a good choice to jailbreak your phone just for a few paid apps.

Let us see some ways or methods to download paid game apps for free without Jailbreaking.

How can we download paid apps for free on ios without Jailbreak

So here are some better ways to download game apps for free. Without any further delay let’s find some easy methods to get those apps.

  1. Open the tui tong bu website on the safari browser of your iPhone.

  2. Tap on the blue button with the apple icon, after the site opens, translate the page if needed.

  3. After you click on the blue button a popup flash message will ask you to install this app.

  4. Let it install by allowing it by clicking on ‘install’.

  5. So after the installation is complete you are good to proceed and search for your favorite apps. Once you select the app of your choice, tap the green button, it is the download button written in the Chinese language.

  6. Let the download complete, after it is completed a popup will ask you to install the app.

  7. Tap on Install and it will begin installing on your phone.

How to Download Paid Apps for free on ios Without Jailbreak - tui tong buHow to Download Paid Apps for free on ios Without Jailbreak - tui tong bu

Congratulations! You are now ready to use the app of your choice on your iphone. After that you can access this app from your homescreen.

How do we install Mod Games and other Apps on the ios 11 or lower without Jailbreaking

There is one more method that can help you download the MOD games without PC or jailbreak. Mod games are almost everyone’s favourite list and you can easily install it on your ios device. Let us see below how can we do that:

  1. Open app valley website on the safari browser of your iphone.

  2. Tap on Install AppValley after loading the webpage.

  3. Tap on Install and let it Install on the device.

  4. You will see an unknown app on your app screen after the download is complete. Do not open that app.

  5. Go to Settings > General > Profiles and then tap the developer profile on Appvalley.

  6. Now go back to the app screen after it is done search for Appvalley, open it and search the apps you want to download.

  7.  In case you have the original version on the same app, then delete it.

  8. Now without a PC or jailbreaking easily download your favorite mod games.

  9. You will notice a lot of premium apps in that, just choose your desired app and start downloading for free.

  10. Now you will get the download page of the same app you want simply click on Get then a permission popup will ask you to install it. Tap on Install and let it install.

  11. Now an app is installed on your phone.

  12. After this go to the app screen of the phone and run the app you have installed.

How to Download Paid Apps for free on ios Without Jailbreak - AppValleyappHow to Download Paid Apps for free on ios Without Jailbreak - AppValleyapp

Hopefully it will let you enjoy your favorite mod games on your ios device.

How can you have premium apps using AppEven

How to Download Paid Apps for free on ios Without Jailbreak - AppevenHow to Download Paid Apps for free on ios Without Jailbreak - Appeven

This is the ultimate method to have paid apps for free on iOS 11 or lower versions. Again this method does not need a PC or a Jailbreak process. You just need a working iphone and the latest iOS version. Without further delay let’s start!

  1. Open the AppEven page on the Safari browser of your phone.

  2. You will  see the green button with the Apple icon on flashing  Download NOW. click on it.

  3. Now you will see a  popup small white screen on which it will ask you if you have to install it not. Simply Select on the Install.

  4. You will need to make it as a trusted profile first if the app does not open because of the intrusted profile. To do that simply go to Settings > General > Device Manager. There you will see Phelia Inc. click on it and one more popup will appear simply tap Trust.

  5. Now you need to open this app on your homescreen. Then use the search option search for your chosen app or the game and install it however you can see the instructions on it.


Is it important to perform a Jailbreaking method to get the apps?

The answer is No, because all the methods we have discussed do not void the warranty of your device hence it is a safe method.

Will you be needing a PC to get the paid apps?

No you don’t need a Mac therefore you can do that on your iPhone itself.

Downloading apps from the third- party source safe or not?

As far as you do not have any sensitive data on your phone, however it is recommended that you perform this on your second device where you are not much bothered about the security.


Hoping these methods will solve your issue. You can always try the other method if the one does not work for you. You can easily download these apps on iOS 11, iphone 6,7, 7+ or iphone X.

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