How to Enhance Older Games on Your Xbox Series X/S

The best Xbox feature of the Xbox series is backward compatibility. Not just you can play the games from the previous Xbox console but also you will get good visual enhancement.

From those Graphical enhancements comes a new form of FPS Boost mode. Microsoft tells the setting ‘Employs a variety of new forms multiplying the original titles. The higher the framerates the smoother the game’s visual look be and can help the player feel more responsive.

FPS Boost will be launched as a part of the upcoming Xbox series X|S dashboard this spring. However, by an additional software patch the feature will be added on a per game basis. The top 5 games that support FPS boost are:

  1. Far Cry 4

  2. New Super Lucky’s Tale.

  3. Sniper Elite 4.

  4. UFC 4.

  5. Watch Dogs 2.

According to Microsoft more games will support the FPS boost mode in the upcoming months. Since, the engineers of Microsoft are more into handling the patches rather than games original teams, therefore more games will be included soon. The company is mainly focusing on the titles according to their popularity and many will be available via Xbox Game pass.

Soon after it is available you can turn on the FPS Boost apps on the screen and the games. Simply you have to highlight the game in the library and press the option tab to manage the software. Choose Compatibility Menu then turn on FPS Boost. More backward compatibility enhancements as Auto HDR will be included in this menu. By pressing the Xbox button, you can check if the FPS Boost is on or not, while you are in the game and open the overlay.

The FPS Boost mode’s frame varies between the console and the game. For example, UFC 4 Game runs on 60fps in the series while the FPS Boost is on. Whereas New Super Lucky Tale game runs at 120fps in the S and X series. These are the only main examples Microsoft gave in the announcement.

Paul Eng. the senior program manager at Xbox said, ‘This is just the starting’. “We will be announcing more features and titles FPS Boost soon, as we update new menu icons and settings”.  The new Dashboard update and toggle compatibility option in the game will arrive in spring. You can disable Auto HDR or turn the toggle on or off in this new FPS feature. However, Microsoft says that it will announce more games in coming months that support FPS Boost.


Q. How much will the Xbox series X cost?

A. The Xbox Series X (which comes with an optical drive and outputs at 4K resolution) could be costs around $500, other version with accessories will cost more.

Q. Can I still get an Xbox series X?

A. As of now, there are no Xbox Series X deals.

Q. What will PS5 cost?

A. The PS5 price comes in at $499 (£449 / AU$749.95)

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