How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

There could be a number of reasons why anyone would want to search another person’s location. These reasons could vary from person to person and time to time. You can track the locations of others by cell phone tracking applications. These tracking apps can be helpful for searching a lost child’s location and his safety, or any other emergency situation. In this article we will see all the related topics for how to track someone’s location.

However, be sure that the tracking of the location is only legal if the other person is your child or your business partner/colleague for only work related issues.

Find location by phone number

You can easily locate the location by just typing in the phone number, for free.  There are many online services that can help you locate your lost phone’s location just by typing in the phone number. These trackers are to be used for personal, security or business purposes. These applications help you to locate any phone number at any time through a GPS. However free services can only provide you with a little information about the person. Whereas paid trackers like Spyic can give a detailed result.

Apps like Spyic has a platform on Google Map and the Sim card and can provide you with detailed information of the person. The spying method is much easier on iOS phones, because you do not have to install any app on their phone.  You just need to enter an iCloud account and password via Spyic.

On the other hand, to track the location on android is different. You will have to install a small app on the phone. The app then will be hidden automatically from the app menu.

Find someone’s location through phone number

How to find someone’s location by cell phone number - spyicHow to find someone’s location by cell phone number - spyic

Now we will discuss how to find the current location by phone number. Spyic allows you to find anyone’s location by sitting at your place. It can locate a cell phone position online, by phone number or any other social media application. If the mobile phone gets switched off it can still access the sim card.

How can you find someone’s location with their phone numbers in iOS?

To look for an iPhone using the cell phone number you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. You need to make an account and switch to the premium package. You can create an account by simply giving you Email ID and Password.

  2. Once you bought the spyic app. It will send an email for the confirmation on the email ID you provided.  Then a web page will open and you can start monitoring it.  Fill in the important information like Age, name, targeted device. For the verification of the account you need to give the iCloud id and password for the targeted device and then perform the steps.

  3. After its installation you will be directed to your account for the further process. Home screen will appear followed by the option to choose. By selecting the location option you can start tracking.

It is the best mobile tracking app without a person’s permission.

Spyic is one of the best apps that help you find a phone’s location and track it. In this portion we will see the benefits of the tracking services.

Spyic Features

  • It allows you to give access to the person’s chat history and all other social media applications.

  • With the simple tracking method, it is also giving you the GPS, Sim card and Wi-Fi tracking also. The feature called geo-fence alerts you if you are crossing the limits of tracking set by the other person.

  • You can also track the history of the device by the browser history feature. It will tell you how many times the person had visited that web site and at what time he visited it. Parents can also check if their children are visiting any harmful website.

Advantages of using Spyic

1. Spyic allows you to check on both the devices iOS and android. Without jailbreaking. Since spying someone’s location is not legal so Spyic makes sure that it does not reveal your identity or data for your safety purposes.

2. It is easy to use and the installation process is also easy. Its control panel is good to use and available with your choice options quickly.

3. There is a mode called Stealth which protects your identity or else the other person will come to know about your information seeing the app on the phone. Stealth helps in hiding the app from the phone.


Tracking applications have become a part of us nowadays as we see in today’s world.

Spyic gives you the simple installation and registration process. Before choosing any app be sure what you need to track or what information you want to get. Remember privacy is everyone’s right so make sure you use it for serious reasons only.

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