How to Fix: Bluetooth Mouse is Not Working in Windows 10

Things to remember before you start the process: if your Bluetooth is missing and you are setting up a new device. Make sure that the device has Bluetooth capabilities by checking the specifications.

However, if you have a laptop and it has a physical hard button or switch make sure you turn it on.

Therefore, in Windows 10 there are two methods to know whether Bluetooth is turned On or Not.

  • See in the taskbar, choose the action center, you can also expand to reveal the Bluetooth option. Now select Bluetooth and turn on it. Therefore, if the Windows 10 device is not paired you will see it as Not connected.

  • Look in the Settings choose the Start button, then select Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and other devices. Make sure you turn on the Bluetooth.

Bluetooth mouse not working in Windows 10

  • Change the Frequency of the mouse. Wireless mice are common to have disruptions in frequency. However, this same issue can happen with your mouse as well. In order to change its frequency, you will have to open mouse utility software. Now search for the options for changing mouse frequency. Now set it at 500 Hz to 250 Hz.

  • Troubleshooting the system: In order to perform the troubleshooting, you will need to…

> Open up the Settings.

> Tap on update and security.

> Choose troubleshooting from the left corner.

> Select on the Run the troubleshooter underneath the Bluetooth icon.

> Therefore, follow the instructions there.

Bluetooth mouse connected but not working

To resolve this issue, you can try Restarting the Bluetooth mouse:

  • Go to the search bar, type control panel, from there open the Control Panel.

  • Go on to Hardware and Sound and click on Bluetooth Devices.

  • Select the Bluetooth mouse and then select Remove.

  • Click on Add and reset your device. Therefore, Select My device is set up and ready to be found in the check box. And then click on Next.

  • However, make sure that your device’s batteries are new and no need to replace it. Also make sure that your device is perfectly connected. Therefore, check if your device needs reinstallation with the correct program, and if it is, make sure it is installed correctly.

Check windows updates

Apart from daily updates Microsoft also gives some drivers through Windows Update. Therefore, there will be chances that a new driver for Bluetooth is ready.

However, if you cannot install it by the device manager, then you might have to try it with a Windows update. It has one more advantage of the Windows 10 latest update is that it stabilizes the system. However, if there is any bug in your system which is causing your mouse to stop working, Microsoft might release a fix for it as an update.

However, to check on the updates, simply go on to the settingsapp, and click on Windows Update. Therefore, it will start the updating process on your system.

Bluetooth Mouse stops working intermittently windows 10

You know sometimes there are chances that your issue might just be really small and of not any technical issue majorly. Therefore, you can try checking the and optimizing the Bluetooth signal.

Please make sure that nothing is becoming a blockage for the Bluetooth signal. Therefore, here are some things that you can keep in mind.

  • Make sure you put your wireless mouse nearer to the wireless transceiver.

  • Keep your wireless keyboard and mouse at an equal distance from the transceiver.

  • Turn on the transceiver upside down.

That is all, we hope that at least one of these methods will work the best for you. If your Bluetooth mouse is connected and not working, make sure to perform these steps and resolve it. Therefore, share this article and help others too to resolve this issue.


Q. Is a Bluetooth mouse better than wireless?

A. Bluetooth mouse are good options when your don’t have USB port or USB port are not working due to some reason. Bluetooth mouse are good and works in very optimize way.

Q. Does Bluetooth mouse need battery?

A. Yes, Bluetooth mouse are using their own power supply, mostly uses AA types 2 batteries.

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