How to Increase Laptop Volume Above 100% in Windows 10

Usually laptops do not give us impressive volumes and carrying an external speaker is not always possible for anyone. You can always increase the volume by using audio processing softwares, but only to a limit. In case you reach above that capacity then the sound or audio quality might get damaged.

However, there are many software which are available in the market that can help you increase the volume and in this article we will see some of them. We will learn how to increase laptop volume beyond maximum if required.

1. Letasoft Sound Booster

So in increasing laptop volume in windows 10 you can use this software which is specialized in increasing the volume using some techniques. This is a simple program to use. This can be usually used as the standard processing object thus making any changing in it can be also used for other windows applications.

This program can increase the volume by 500% without harming the audio quality.

How to use Letasoft Sound Booster Software

  1. Just open the software and then drag down the system tray icon.

  2. Next you need to drag the slider and then you are set to use. 

2. System- Wide Equalizer

How to increase laptop volume Above 100% in Windows System- Wide EqualizerHow to increase laptop volume Above 100% in Windows System- Wide Equalizer

It has quite good functioning and this software is  free of cost. However, it might take some time to set up but it is very user friendly. It suits the listener’s choice and other audio environmental sounds the system-wide equalizer kind of plays with the audio frequencies. For instance, if you are listening to some party music you can easily increase the bass and for listening to the slower songs you can easily decrease it.

How to use System-Wide Equalizer

  • You need to download the Equalizer APO

  • And install the open source

This is very configurable and powerful for you to use. You can also use it as a windows APO with the software.

3. Peace Equalizer

How to increase laptop volume Above 100% in Windows 10 -Peace EqualizerHow to increase laptop volume Above 100% in Windows 10 -Peace Equalizer

It is one more good equalizer that maintains your audio according to your choice. You can also use it for Equalizer APO as in Windows PC interface. It has a special panel that works for cross feed, delay and balance. In short peace can work as an equalizer as well as audio mixer for any of your laptop softwares. From vista to Windows 10 it works for all the versions.

How to use Peace Equalizer

  • It will be installed quickly and you just need to accept according to the instructions and reboot it when it is over.

  • You just need to click on the simple interface after launching the peace equalizer and then you will see the detachable GUI.

  • Just by moving the pre amplifying slider you can easily turn up the sound. Which you can see at the top right of the screen.

  • Finally you now click on done to accept it and then view it. And you will see that the media player and the browser are automatically changed.

Conclusion :

This article will help you answer the question of how to make laptop speakers louder in Windows 10 hence you can easily select any of the methods and enjoy the better sound quality.

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