How to Make a Post on Instagram from PC or Mac

You can easily access your Instagram account using Mac or PC on a web browser to operate it like, comments, liking a post on your pc screen. Including Follow/Unfollow sharing of the post dms or direct messages etc by using pc. Instagram has also introduced a feature to send and to receive Direct Messages on it. However, you cannot really post photos through it for now, but there are still some ways you can do that.

How can I post pictures on Instagram from my Computer?

To post pictures on Instagram from a computer you need to use Google Chrome. Therefore, this method includes Google Chrome code inspector tool, however it is a trick for Instagram to know that you are posting it from a mobile phone. Let us see how do we do it and resolve the issue:

  1. Login into and fill in the credentials.

  2. Select Inspect by right clicking on any black space in the browser and to get into it.

  3. Choose the Toggle device toolbar icon, it will appear as a tablet or a phone symbol on your computer screen and you will easily be recognizing it.

  4. A drop-down menu will appear at the top you will then select the Responsive drop-down menu. Then choose a mobile device from the list there.

  5. Look and select the Zoom drop-down menu and select Fit to Window on your computer screen and confirm.

  6. Now this will look like a mobile version of Instagram, therefore fill in the sign-in process. To post pictures or videos from the pc and to apply the method. Therefore, click that to open up the browser and choose the post you desire to post which you wish to post from pc.

Please refer the following video for details step:

However, you might think now how do I post on Instagram from Mac?

Hence, here just like the PC method here, you will use the Safari Browser and make it understand that you are posting from an iOS device.

  1. Go to the Safari Browser and select Preferences and select it.

  2. Choose the Advanced option from the geared shaped icon at the top.

  3. Choose the Show Develop menu in menu bar and click it from the top of the screen.

  4. Now go to and then login to your account.

  5. From there select Develop>User Agent> Safari.

  6. The website will refresh itself and will show you the mobile version. You can now upload or post the videos and pictures you wish to post just like you do on the mobile.


All your questions regarding posting on Instagram from pc or mac are in this article. Whether you might be thinking how to post Instagram stories from your computer. How to upload photos to Instagram from pc or how to post on Instagram from your laptop. Hence, you can easily apply this method and operate your Instagram account just like a phone version.

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