How to Move Files from one OneDrive Account to Another

OneDrive is a synchronization and file hosting service that runs by Microsoft as a part of its web version. OneDrive was launched in August 2007, helping users to store their data and files. Users can also sync their files through Android, Windows, and other devices. OneDrive provides 5 GB of storage free of cost and if you want more space then you will have to purchase it.

Benefits of using OneDrive

If you do not use the OneDrive cloud feature in Windows 10, you are going to miss it. It has taken many years, but Microsoft has created it systematically as a very reliable service. However, for people who use computers and mobiles everyday it gives very good advantages.

  • Users can sync files between cloud and local folders.

  • You can use client software for almost any platform, and can access files from more than one device.

  • Users’ backup files provide protection, that allows you to restore earlier saved versions.

  • It is easy for you to share files, photos, and even the whole folder with friends or colleagues.

Why should you transfer files from one OneDrive to another?

There can be many reasons for transferring files from one OneDrive to the other, like:

  • Maybe your current account is not working properly.

  • You might have some important documents in a shared account and you want to keep them in a personal account.

  • Probably, you are using an official email account and you want more space for storage.

  • Perhaps, you have to move files, photos, videos etc to another account for data backup.

How do we transfer files from one OneDrive to Another?

To transfer files from one OneDrive to the other, here in this article we have discussed two free methods. However, continue reading to learn more about these two methods.

Method 1. Transfer files from One OneDrive to the other with MultCloud

Here is the good news, that this is a Free cloud storage manager that can fulfil your demand. Therefore, as an online cloud transferring service, it keeps all your documents in one place.

It also supports other cloud services and not only OneDrive, like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Below you will learn in details how can you transfer files from OneDrive to Another:

  1. Firstly, sign up and create an account on MultCloud. Or you can get a temporary account by clicking Experience without signing up.

  2. Add Clouds and Login to a MultCloud account. Click on Add Clouds and follow the process to bring your two OneDrive accounts into MultCloud.

  3. Now transfer files from one OneDrive account to another.

There are three methods to transfer files between OneDrive accounts. Choose the one that suits you the best.

First way is simply dragging the file from OneDrive to another. To do this select the file you want to transfer and left click to move it.

Second way is simply select the file you want to move from your one OneDrive account, right click on any blank space Copy to location. When you right click and select Copy there will be a pop-up window. Choose OneDrive 2 as the destination location and click Transfer.

The Third way is you simply create a Cloud Transfer task to transfer from one OneDrive to another. Go on to the Cloud Transfer page choose folder you wish to move from your first OneDrive account. After you select it then select the destination path to move them to your second OneDrive account. Then Click on Transfer Now and wait for some time till the process is complete.

Method 2. Download and Upload

  1. Login to the OneDrive account.

  2. Choose all the files and click on Download to have them on your local computer.

  3. Now login into your new or second OneDrive account.

  4. Then Click Upload to have them all in your new OneDrive account.

However, whether you choose one method or the other, each will solve your issue. Therefore, if you select the method one with MultCloud you will find it time saving. Choose any way the solution should be one is to solve your issue of transferring your data from account to another.


Q. Is Microsoft OneDrive free?

A. Yes, if you are using Microsoft outlook or have Microsoft account, it is providing around 5 GB data on OneDrive free.

Q. What is OneDrive and how is it used?

A. Microsoft providing a cloud based storage applications as OneDrive. You can login with Microsoft account and use it store your files or other data.

Q. Do I really need OneDrive?

A. It is good to have your important files in sync and available with you. If you don’t have any any other cloud based application, it is good to have OneDrive to store data.

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