How to Move Fortnite in Another Folder, Drive, or Computer

Fortnite is a real-world gaming with many experiences. This game is about saving the world from the monster, creating the world of your own rules. Fortnite has four major modes namely; Battle Royale, Party Royale, Creative and save the World.

Players unite to survive the battle world. However, the action of the game is cartoonish but it might disturb a few younger players. In single player mode the players fight with zombies and other creatures.

You will have to provide your email address to create and verify the account and for a username. However, there is no age verification or need.

When it’s about popular games for playing, Fortnite is among the favorites. However, there will be times when you will need to transfer your favorite game to a new drive which you bought. Since, Epic game launcher does not let you transfer it to another drive so you will have to uninstall or download it again. However, in this blog we mentioned some methods to transfer Fortnite to another drive.

How to move Fortnite to another drive

The first thing is first, when moving to a new drive you need to have a backup copy of the Fortnite folder.

  • The Fortnite is installed on C:\ program File\Epic Games\Fortnite. You need to “right click” on the folder of Fortnite and click copy.

  • Now paste the copied folder to drive’s location where you wish to. For example, if you want to transfer Fortnite to Drive D so follow these ways carefully:

  1. Firstly, you need to copy the Fortnite folder which is in C:\ Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite.

  2. Now go to the Fortnite Thumbnail from the Epic Game launcher, click on the gear icon then uninstall.

  3. After you uninstall it. The button will change to ‘Install’.

  4. So, tap on Install and select the location that you want. Example: E:\Games\fortnite

  5. Now wait till the installation is complete, then click on ‘X’ on the Fortnite thumbnail and cancel installation.

  6. Then tap on the X button that is on the top right corner of the Epic Game launcher. While you remove epic games from the task manager.

  7. Now you have to navigate to the location to install, like E:\Games\, then delete the folder.

  8. Now you have to copy the complete Fortnite folder, which you have saved as a backup.

  9. On the Fortnite thumbnail click the Resume button. Now the verification process will start. However, it will take some time, so keep patience for a few mins.

  10. After the process is finished, the epic game launcher will give you notification that Fortnite is ready to play.

Therefore, this is how you can transfer Fortnite to another drive. However, it might seem to be tough at some points, but it is not that difficult. Just follow the methods mentioned above carefully, then enjoy your favorite Fortnite game.

How to move Epic Games to another drive

Just like Fortnite you can transfer other games too from one drive to the other. However, sometimes it is tough for some users because they do not wish to download the game again. Still, the steps above if you follow can also help you move other games as well.

Maybe you will need to check again manually the steps mentioned above, as the new updates require you to install the game again from the main folder. Therefore, there will be no other option than to download the game again.

Can you copy Fortnite to another PC?

As discussed above, the methods will help everybody who wants to transfer Fortnite to another drive. However, if you don’t wish to spend much internet data, follow these steps and move Fortnite to another pc. Follow these easy four steps below:

  1. You have to copy the Fortnite folder.

  2. Now uninstall the Fortnite.

  3. Start it and then cancel the Fortnite installation.

  4. Now resume the Fortnite installation.

  5. And then verify the Fortnite installation.

These methods are explained to you in detail above, so you can check them and resolve the issue.

Use third party application and transfer Fortnite to another drive

However, it might be hard for you to follow tutorials, but you can still make use of some third-party apps. These apps will help you to move Fortnite to another drive easily. Make sure before using any third-party app, that it should be authentic and useful.


Therefore, these are some easy steps to move Fortnite to another drive. We are happy to resolve your problem, we believe that it will make it easier for you, do share this with your friends and help them too.

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