How to open Multiple Windows or Instances of an App on Windows 10

Almost all the Windows 10 applications allow you to open multiple windows. You can also run multiple instances of apps all instances can have their own settings. It’s a better way to sign in to the multiple accounts in a go in the apps you are using.

Difference between New App Windows and New App instances

Quite a few apps have multiple windows, and those windows allow you to see the other contents and different files. For example, you can use two chrome browser windows, and these windows will nearly share the same thing.

The new App Instance is differ from App Windows, in the Instance your app runs from the start. Which means you can be using different user accounts for each app instance.

Few apps like FireFox and Google Chrome allow you to use different accounts without you running multiple app instances.

How to open multiple windows in Windows 10

There are many ways with which you can open a new window in your apps on your computer.

Using a keyboard shortcut

One of the easiest ways to launch a new window in the app, is by using keyboard shortcut. However, maybe it will not work in all apps, but it is ok to give it a try.

When at least one window of any app is open, press Cntrl+N on the keyboard, this will open a new window.

Multiple window Ctrl +NMultiple window Ctrl +N

You can launch the app from the Start Menu to open a new window. Simply open the Start Menu search for the App then click the app you want.

Using the Taskbar

You can open multiple instances in windows 10 by using the taskbar. Simply right click your running app and click the name of the app.

open same app from task baropen same app from task bar

For example, if you try to right click on the Google Chrome icon in the taskbar, then select Google Chrome from the menu.

Using a Taskbar keyboard shortcut

You can use a keyboard shortcut to launch a new app window from the taskbar without right clicking the app or icon. It will be much easier and a shorthand method.

How to open multiple instances of a program with different settings

If you wish to use different settings and different accounts in the same app on your computer, you need to open a new instance of the app.

Windows 10 allows you to use this by running the same app as a different user. You must have at least another user account on your PC. However, if you do not have an account, make a new one on your windows 10 computer so that you can start with the process.

Now if you can see the app’s shortcut on your desktop, then right click on it and select Run as a different user.

If you cannot see the app shortcut on your windows. Then open the start menu, and search for the app, right click on it and select open file location. If still after this you can see the shortcut then right click on the app and select open file location one more time.

When now if you see the app, right click on it and select for Run as a different user. Enter the user name and the password or the credentials and click on OK.


The new instances are fully isolated as compared to your main instance, your changes in this instance will not cause changes in the previous one.

Bonus Tip

So many applications have their online version also which you can use directly from your web browser. These web apps are very different from the usual apps, which means you can use accounts that are different from native apps.

For example, if you wish to use Skype with Multiple accounts then you can sign in to one account from the app and another from the website. Many popular apps are available as web versions like Skype, Outlook, Slack etc.

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