How to Open Password Protected PDF without Password

In this article we will learn how to unlock a protected PDF document on any Windows platform. Keep on reading to know how to unsecure a secured pdf by help of different ways (Google chrome, Adobe Acrobat reader DC, Automated solution).

PDF is one of the most used documents among a number of users. These are the standard files and on every platform it looks in the same way no matter what fonts the user is choosing. These files can either be secured with a password of restrictions. Commonly people put security on the files to protect it from the other people.

But, there are many situations when people like to unprotect these files or PDF documents. But, due to the password permission we are unable to do so. Therefore, to eliminate such types of boundage or restrictions we have some simple ways. So,  keep reading this blog to know how to unlock pdf without password (permission).

Method to unprotect pdf document using Chrome

Google chrome has this feature which can enable you to read and open the pdf file. Also, you can unsecured any secured file using this web browser through any windows, Mac or OS. However, a user is not required to install any software or application to do this task. But, before doing so, users must take care of these two things i.e.

  1. Only one PDF file you can use at a time.

  2. You need to Enable the PDF printing option if you need to.

Steps for you to unsecure Adobe PDF without password

  1. Use chrome to open the PDF document.

  2. Click on the Print option which you will see at the left side.

  3. Now tap the Change button present on the screen.

  4. In the local destination section, click on the Save as PDF option.

By implementing these steps you can easily unprotect the files without password.

How can you unsecure the PDF instantly without password

As there are so many applications unprotect the pdf document, it is very difficult for the users to choose the best one. Although there are some freeware utilities, they don’t work as we expect them to work. So, it is better to choose the exclusive utility i.e. PCVITA PDF Restriction Tool. With the help of this software you can unsecure the pdf file without password. Moreover, you can remove all the other restrictions like comment, sign, copy, print etc easily. This software is available for Mac as well as Windows. Moreover, there is no limit on the size of the pdf file to unsecure it. Users can easily unsecure Adobe PDF without the password with the software’s license.

Steps to Unlock pdf without password

Apply these simple methods to unsecure a PDF without a password.

  1. You need to launch and run the software to unsecure your adobe pdf document without password.

  2. Click on the Add files button.

  3. Tap the Save button and mark correct on the Keep Source PDF Password in Output PDF if necessary.

  4.  Choose the Destination Path by clicking on the Change button.

  5. Now click on the Unlock PDF button to start the process.

  6. A message will display flashing compilation.

How can you unsecure a PDF in the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

You cannot unsecure your Adobe PDF by using Adobe Reader DC. Make sure you have the complete version of the Acrobat program to start the process. Although, by Acrobat DC you can what type of security is there, by using the following ways:

  1. You need to Open the file in Acrobat Reader DC.

  2. Now go to File > Properties.

  3. Tap on the Security tab.

  4. You can view all permission under Document Restriction Summary.

Methods to unsecure PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro

  1. Here open the PDF file and then click the Lock icon.

  2. Choose Permission Details and select on the Security Methods menu, Choose No Security.

  3. Now Enter the Permission Password so you can unsecure the PDF file.

  4.  Save Your file where you want it to.

How to Edit a secured PDF without Password - Remove securityHow to Edit a secured PDF without Password - Remove security
How to Edit a secured PDF without Password – Remove security


In this article we have mentioned different ways to help you Unsecure a PDF file without the password. Along with this you can also learn how to check PDF security using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. You will also learn the automated and manual solutions for the same. You can choose any method to Unsecure the PDF. But, if you wish to unsecure multiple PDF documents at a time, we recommend the automated method. It is due to the provision of the software which does not provide the bulk PDF unlocking but it works for print restricted files also. If you want to test the performance and function of the software, you can install the free demo version.

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