How to Protect Your Smartphone from Attack

Along with the increasing number of smartphone sales has come the more number of cyber-attacks. Yes, more and more hackers are trying to attack smartphones because they are vulnerable to attack. We can call smartphones a mini-computer. Whatever the users have on the phone can be accessed by hackers if they are not careful. So what can you do to keep your phones safe from attackers? Here are some of the ten steps you can take to be aware of. Let’s know about how serious the cyber-attack cases are now. 

The growing number of cyber-attacks

  • According to a source many users have got caught in the trap of cyber-attacks by clicking unsafe links. 

  • Smartphone mobile users are more prone to get attacked by hackers than desktop users. 

  • The users of the mobile are not aware of the dangers lurking in the dark that are ready to manipulate them. 

  • Mobile users are not careful when they download an app or a file. They do not research about the developer and do not read the terms and regulations. 

  • Many are still unaware that smartphones apps can share confidential information like credit card details. 

  • Many people have their credit card and debit card information on their phone and are not careful of concealing it. 

  • If a smartphone user has not logged off an app properly a hacker could easily sneak in and change the settings without the user’s knowledge. 

These are some of the scary information you need to know. It is happening out there and not just a piece of data. So what can you do to steer clear of such happenings? Here are some of the things you have to do. The good news is that there are many security options invented by the creators to help you. The operating systems of smartphones are stronger now because of security threats. Therefore you can make use of this tech to be safe. 

Some of the ways to keep the smartphone secure? 

1. Use a passcode 

You can set a passcode on your smartphone so even when a stranger gets it they will not be able to open it. The passcode types of security are stronger than the pattern. So it will be difficult for any thief to open it and misuse it. So instead of giving an open invitation to the thieves, you can keep your phone locked when you are not using it. 

2. See the phone bill 

If you see some different things happening on your phone without your authorisation then it means that it is not in your control. Some hacker might be using it. You may receive some text messages or emails. Suddenly you may find some bills charged. Your battery may also drain quickly. This means that it is time to check your phone. 

3. Check all the details before downloading 

You have to research the files and apps you are downloading. You have to check if it is legit or not. By checking the reviews of the app in the app store you can know more about the app. Some apps may contain malware that can infect your phone so avoid such apps. 

4. Backup the data 

You have to back up all the data on the phone like the photos, documents and contacts. You can store the files on your computer or an external device. So even when you lose all the files you can restore them. So through this way, you can keep all your information intact. 

5. Know about the app permissions

You should be careful when giving the app permission to access your files. So check the privacy settings of the apps before doing it. This will help you to know what kind of app you are permitting. So always check the apps before downloading them. 

6. Wipe data on the old phone 

If you are trying to sell your phone or give it away then wipe all the details on your phone. Go to factory settings and remove all the data. Then give away your phone. So you can keep all your data safe from getting stolen. 

7. Get a security app 

You can download the mobile security app so it will scan every app for malware and spyware. These kinds of apps will help you to keep your phone safe from intruders. They will know if there is any suspicious activity happening on your phone. 

8. Report immediately if your phone gets stolen

If your phone gets stolen immediately report it to the authorities. They will help you to trace the phone. They will notify the wireless providers of the theft so they can permit the bricking. This will make it impossible for the thief to use the phone. 

9. Know about the smartphone security checker 

The commission revealed an online tool named the “Smartphone Security Checker”. It has a ten-step plan for smartphone users to know how to prevent exposure to personal data. So you can read the steps to follow some smart strategies to keep the phone safe.  

0. 1Steer clear of pirates apps 

Be careful of apps that promise you lots of things. These apps may be pirate apps that hackers use to steal information. So do not get waylaid by apps that look attractive. 

11. Never wire money to strangers

An unknown site may ask you to pay money for a product. Then check if it is safe to do the transaction. They may offer you the best deals and prices but they may not be all that reliable. 


These are the ways you can use to keep your smartphone safe. Then you can enjoy the joys of using the phone.

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