How to PUBG mobile on iOS, Android and PC after Ban in India

Govt. of India recently put a ban on the numbers of Chinese apps, PUBG Mobile was one of them. A lot of gamers went disappointed as the fans of the game. This ban caused the removal of the app and restricting it from the ios and android stores. But the game’s server still works, so those users who had downloaded it previously can still play it, without receiving any updates from the server.

But if you are really keen to play that game then it can be done through some tricks which will help you to solve your problem. Let’s find the answer to How to download PUBG after a ban in India. Indeed this article will be helpful for you to get your game.

How to get PUBG on ios?

There are 3 options by which you can play PUBG on ios. Number one needs you to change your location. Secondly by using VPN services. Thirdly is having Korean version of the game.

Let’s see the following steps for to change your region and play the game.

1. hanging your country from mobile

  • Go to the app section and select Account option

  • Click on the account of yours and select the region

  • From the list choose any country except India.

  • Enter your billing address/details

  • Put any street name of the region randomly

  • Type in the zip code for the region you selected (look for the codes on  Google)

  • Choose the payment option by clicking ‘None’

  • Save it and let it restart

  • Now you are ready to search for your game on the store and play it smoothly.

2. VPN Services

Many of us cannot play games because of restrictions by the network provider, and it can be annoying. In this situation, a VPN service is the option. There is a drawback of it having poor connectivity but at least you can play your desired game.

The following steps will help you understand VPN settings.

  • Download Panda VPN, a VPN Client

  • Make an account and sign in to the client app

  • Choose the USA server and tap to connect

  • Make sure to keep the VPN connected till you play the game otherwise you might lose the connection.

3. PUBG Korean Version Download

It is good to know that in India only the global version of the game is banned. You can still download the Korean version of it and play it. Because it is important for you to play at the end.

Let’s see the steps:

  • You will again need to change the country as we mentioned in the first method.

  • This time select the country as South Korea and fill in  the details.

  • Search PUBG Korean version, install it on your phone.

  • Here you can play the game without any hindrance and without the VPN service.

The only disadvantage of this method is that you will have to start the game from the beginning. The korean version of this game asks you to create a new account. This way if you already had an account and if you played it earlier, you will be in loss. But it’s ok at least it is safer than the VPN method.

How to download PUBG on android

  • Look for the browser of your device then go to the PUBG Mobile website.

  • A page will be opened and you will see written ‘APK download’

  • Select the option and the APK file will be starting to download on your mobile.

  • When it’s done, install the game on your mobile

  • Your phone might ask for the permission to download the APK file.

  • Once it is done, you are all set to play the game.


Hope this article helped you to understand the methods with which you can play your favorite game. I believe that through this article you will get all your answers. Answers to you questions like, How to play pubg in India after the ban? How to Download a Pubg in India? Etc. PUBG might get back in the gaming market. Enjoy these methods and share with your friends.

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