How to Recall an Email in Microsoft Outlook

There can be a number of reasons that you wish to recall an email in outlook online, maybe you sent a mail to your colleague but forgot to attach the documents that he was asking for. Or maybe you just mistakenly sent a complaining email to someone you did not want to send. You are fortunate if you send mail through outlook because it has a way to take it back.  An email recall can provide you with the option which if selected the receiver won’t be able to read your angry, incomplete or maybe mistaken mail.  Go through these methods if you want to recall a message in Outlook. Also if you want to know how to be delaying some emails so you can prevent sending wrong emails in the future.

How to recall emails in outlook online

  1. Go to your sent mails folder and see for the email you wish to recall, it should be at the beginning only.  Double click on it to completely open it before we move to the next step.

  2. Select the message option on the toolbar and make it active. Now look for the move section and then select More Move Actions.

How to recall an email in Microsoft OutlookHow to recall an email in Microsoft Outlook
  1. 3. Select the Recall this message option from the drop-down menu list.

  2. Recall Email Option
    1. 4. A pop up window will appear on the screen which will give you two options. The options include Delete unread copies of the Message or Delete unread copies and Replace with a new Message. The outlook will be notifying you if the option is a success or failure.  

    Arrows displaying different options while Recall Email

    5. Select your preferred option and then click on OK  to proceed.

    If you wish to replace the message rather than deleting it then see step 5.

    • Outlook provides you with a second screen if you wish to replace the message. Now when you create a new mail it gives you notifications for your older email (if chose the option). Once you have revised the message just click on the Send button and send it.

    *There is no way to recall an email in outlook Mac.

    Why does recalling of an email not always be working

    Choosing the recalling option does not necessarily mean that it would always work. Considering these days internet speed which promises you to send your emails without any network issue, can sometimes create an issue for you! This way your email might be sent and flashing in the other person’s inbox already. Here are the facts that can break your expectations or maybe make things more complicated.

    • Opening of the mail, if the reader has opened your message then it cannot be recalled once read. Since this is very important that you take action and act quickly.

    • Redirecting to the other folders. If your first email has been under a filter and if the outlook moves it to a specific folder, then recalling that mail will be failed.

    • If it is in a Public Folder and if someone reads your message in that, then unfortunately the recalling will be failed.

    • The recall function will not work if the receiver is using the other email clients other than outlook. For example if he is using Gmail then your recalling of the email will not work.


    There are many situations when you need to recall any message just after send it or after thinking a moment that you should be written it better or not even emailed it. Hopefully, this article will help you in such situations whether in your personal or professional life.

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