How to Record Screen on Your Mac: The Best Ways

Have you ever thought about screen recording on Mac or how to screen record on Mac? However, luckily you can easily learn how to screen record on Mac. Though, there are many reasons to screen record on Mac. To record tutorials, online classes, video games, and much more. Although, there are two easy methods you can create a MacBook screen recording without any software. Therefore, below we have mentioned how you can screen record in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with keyboard shortcuts. However, we have also discussed some additional third-party options using software which have screen recording features.

Screen Record on Mac

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcuts

Therefore, to screen record firstly you need to be sure that your MacBook is updated and using MacOS Mojave.

  1.  To start recording video on your MacBook, press shift command -5. It will show you the options to record the entire screen or just a portion of it. You can select to capture a screenshot of a portion of the screen or entire screen.

Customization option: After the recording menu shows up, you will have many options to customize your MacBook screen recording. These options will include:

  • Saving the location, whether you want to save it on desktop, documents, mail, message etc.

  • Time, how much time would you be recording it, that is for 5 secs,10secs, or none.

  • Microphone, whether it is none, or the in-built microphone.

  • Other options include floating thumbnails, mouse clicks, and remembering last selection.

  • After you finish the selection of the option, you can click anywhere on the screen to start the recording, or simply click the record button.

  • If you want to stop recording on Mac, click the stop button or press Ctrl and Esc.

  • And finally, you can trim your recorded video, after you finish recording you will notice a video thumbnail in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you click this thumbnail, you will see the options to trim from the start to the end of the video. Now you can save and share the video wherever you like to on your device.

Method 2: QuickTime Screen recording

Therefore, the second method to record your screen is by using QuickTime player. However, it comes pre-installed in all MacBook, both on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

  1. Launch the QuickTime Player Application, now click on Finder then Applications and keep scrolling till you find QuickTime Player.

  2. In the menu bar click on File then press New Screen Recording.

  3. After you click on the New Screen Recording you will notice the same menu, as discussed is method 1. You can follow the same steps as in method 1 to record your screen with QuickTime Player.

quicktime recorderquicktime recorder

Method 3: Other Alternatives to Screen Record on Mac

There are many applications to use on a MacBook for screen recording. We have listed three recording options below:

1. Droplr



  • Link sharing- After you finish your screen record the video will upload automatically on the cloud on Droplr dashboard. You will now have a short link which will link to your video which you can share with anyone.

  • Audio Recording- With Droplr you can record your screen on mac with audio.

  • Mouse Clicks- Turn on ‘highlighted mouse clicks’ when you are screen recordingon droplr.

  • Privacy Settings- You can also change or customize the privacy settings of your drops. The privacy setting of droplr has public, private and teams. You can also set up a password by selecting ‘self-destruct’.

  • Integrations-  Droplr has many integrations to use it with a Mac screen recorder. This includes Intercom, Slack, Photoshop, Sketch and more. If you choose to integrate all your tools in one place, it will save a lot of time.

2. Movavi

movavi video editor interfacemovavi video editor interface


  • File-Formatting- Movavi lets you as a user save you files in different file formats.

  • Video Editing- The software Movavi comes with quite different editing tools. Like trimming, audio mixing  and more for better quality and usage.

  • Keystrokes-  You can also turn on the Keystrokes recording which will show you how you are using it during recording.

3. OBS Studio

obs studioobs studio


  • Advanced Editing- OBS is not for beginners as it comes with advanced editing features. Using OBS you can trim video, add photos and text to the recording.

  • Auto Mixing- OBS also offers advanced audio mixing, that helps you customize audio settings, filters etc.

  • Free Download- OBS Studio is a completely free application for you to download and use on Windows or Mac.

4. Covideo

Covideo - Video & Screen RecorderCovideo - Video & Screen Recorder


  • Extension of Chrome- You can sue chrome browser on your Mac and record your video, or your screen or both.

  • Trimming the video- Covideo helps you to trim your video at the end and the beginning of the video.

  • CRM code- You can add a video message to any email or CRM with the unique coding tool of Covideo.

  • Video Analytics- You will get viewer notification and you can measure your video message with hotspot.

  • Covideo Outlook Add-in and Gmail- Install Outlook and Gmail extensions so you can record with your personal email account.


If you are using MacBook native tools or any third-party application for screen record, it is easy. Therefore, now that you learnt these methods, just open your MacBook and start creating interesting stuff.

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