How to Recover Deleted or Archived Outlook Emails

If you by mistake delete any item from the outlook mailbox, you might often recover it. However, the first thing you can look for it is in the deleted files or trash folder. Still if you are not able to find it depends which email account you are using.

How to retrieve archived emails in outlook

If any of your emails is missing, there are some places where you can find them.

  • Archived Folder

  • Junk email or spam folder

  • Deleted items folder

You can search these folders in the Navigation Pane which you can find on the left of your Outlook inbox.

How to recover expired emails in Outlook

However, you are still not able to find an item in the Deleted folders, then look into Recoverable emails. It is a by default hidden folder and items get moved when you do the following:

  • If you delete any item from the Deleted folder.

  • Or if you Empty the Deleted items folder.

  • Maybe you permanently delete any item from the inbox by pressing Shift+Delete.

  1. Go on to your email folder list, in outlook and select Deleted Items.

  2. From the Home menu choose Recover Deleted Items from Server.

  3. Choose the items which you wish to recover, Select Restore Selected Items and click OK.

How to retrieve old emails from outlook server

Once you delete an email message from the Deleted Items folder it is permanently deleted. However, in some situations you might retrieve them. If you are using any official email address, your email might back up in Microsoft Exchange email server.

  • In order to use the Recover Deleted Items from the server, tap on the icon in the ribbon.

  • The recovered deleted items will pop up which will show all the deleted items saved on the server.

  • Select the message you want to restore.

  • Now click the Restore Selected Items from the toggle then click OK. The messages will restore in the folder.

However, this option is only available to them whose emails are backed up on the server. However, a very same feature there on Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, by these steps you can recover deleted emails in Outlook.

Change the Archive settings

You need to understand how to control AutoArchive settings and how to work in outlook settings. However, if you already know how to operate it, you will not be surprised. The archived message will be stored as PST files on PC.

You can turn on AutoArchive settings by checking in the box from the left of it. Similarly, you can turn it off by unchecking the box.

The AutoArchive dialog box will give you different options. We can discuss them below:

  • The Auto Archive option will appear every day at the top left of the dialog box. Use the up and down arrows to navigate, select to archive daily instead of in 60 days.

  • Deleting Expired Items for email only. Outlook by default will consider the messages that are for longer in the software as expired. Example messages in the draft after six months will be set as expired.

  • Select any folder where your archived messages are saved. Therefore, the option of Move old items allows you to choose the folder where archives are. However, it is important if you want to restore the items.

  • Deleted the old items instead of archiving them. You can select the AutoArchive tool to delete messages automatically instead of storing it. Therefore, you can do it by choosing the Permanently Delete old items.

  • After you select it click on OK in the dialog box to save the changes. Now click OK in the outlook option screen. Therefore, you will change the AutoArchive settings.


We have just now learned how to retrieve archived emails. You have also learned how to retrieve old emails from outlook servers. And also discussed how to recover expired emails in outlook. Use these methods to resolve the issue.


Q. Does archiving emails save space outlook?

A. You can manage your old emails easily by moving to Archive folder. In outlook, archiving emails are saved as separate files.

Q. Do archived emails get deleted?

A. Archive emails are removed from Inbox and can be visible on selection on All emails option.

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