How to Recover Deleted or Uninstall Apps on an Android Phone

Have you found yourself in a situation where you accidentally deleted or uninstalled your apps or find it strange if you are not able to find them on your phone anymore, because you do not remember that it was mistakenly deleted by you? Well then this is the right place for you to get the answer. It’s ok if you have deleted the apps and now searching for them again, and if you think where the data would be lost with the app that has been deleted, but the truth is that the data does not get deleted instead it is saved on the app server you can recover the deleted app data on android phone. In this article we will be learning some easy ways on how to restore the missing apps on android.

Possibilities for the deleted Apps

There are numbers for ways an android user must have knowingly or unknowingly had deleted the Apps from his phone, and now the question that would raise on his mind could be how to recover deleted app data or how to gain back those apps on his phone?

  1. However, it is not something shocking for any user to delete the apps with or without intentions, you too might have done this.

  2. Updating the software, it could be a reason too for the deletion of your apps. It happens when you do not perform the full update of the Android OS few errors might occur which results in losing some apps.

  3. Maybe you format your phone because you might think of selling it or maybe you feel you need some more storage on your phone, however this could be the result of losing your apps and their data.

  4. Maybe you had restored your phone to the factory default settings.

  5. Now one more reason could be that you might have installed some anti-virus on your phone which ended up in the deletion of some of your apps which according to that Anti-virus detection could be an infected one and could harm your device.

Well if you feel any of the reasons were the actually the cause of the deletion of your important applications then nothing to worry about, because there is a solution by which you can restore those applications. You will get the answer to your question on how to download deleted apps.

How to Restore Built in Apps on Android

1. The number one step is that you will have to open the Google Play Store on your android phone.

2. You will notice the 3 liner symbol () Which will enable you to open the menu.

3. Select My Apps and Games option from that.

4. You will notice there will be three tabs options one for Updates, second for Installed, and third for Library you need to select the Library option from that.

How to Recover Deleted or Uninstall Apps on an Android phone - My Apps and Games optionHow to Recover Deleted or Uninstall Apps on an Android phone - My Apps and Games option

5. In the Library option you will be able to see all the apps you had downloaded on your phone.

6. Select and Install the deleted apps from there.

How to Recover Deleted or Uninstall Apps on an Android phone - LibraryHow to Recover Deleted or Uninstall Apps on an Android phone - Library

7. After downloading those apps that you had lost once, you can now also restore the history or the take the back up from the option given in the app, this way you will be able to restore your backup and you will not lose anything.

Note: Apps in the Library option are arranged according to the time you had installed or deleted the certain app, the app which you might have deleted recently will be shown first or above, while the others will be below it, so keep a check on which one you wish to recover.


So here is the end of this article, hoping that you will learn and if you will follow the given methods above, you will be able to restore the apps that once you had lost. Remember that application loss is a common issue for any android user irrespective of how attentive they would be it could be an intentional or unintentional cause to delete your apps.

However, if you find yourself using an application that is really important to you and you don’t want to lose it then it is recommended that you create an account on that so that all your data or important things could be on your profile, or you can also keep a backup for that so you don’t lose anything.

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