How to Reduce background noise in Microsoft teams meeting

What is Microsoft Teams?

It is a collaboration and productivity tool which people are using to take conferences and certain meetings. Its features contain meeting virtually with different organizations, groups, private chats etc.  Teams can be said as a replacement for skype, and microsoft classroom, incorporating every feature into it alone.

It is a good choice and option for Educators and Companies, as compared to Seven G suit,  Slack, Facebook workplace .

Teams not only provide features like high quality video calls and chats but also you set up, good team of people. In a single team meeting can contain upto 5000,000 users which is quite a lot. After that these teams can be split down into specific channels with connected posts to keep it organized.

Reduce Background noise in Teams Meetings

There are always clear rules for people to follow in both during as well as after the meeting.  Following such rules becomes a very important thing as nowadays almost everyone is working from home.  However, many of the teams users do not really care for their background noises when they are having a meeting.

For example, you might notice some people keep making certain noises like slamming the doors, shuffling papers, typing on the keyboard, which could be quite disturbing for the meeting members. But we have good news and that is that Microsoft teams lets you enable them to avoid hearing such noises, we will see how it will work. But keep in mind that this feature is available only in the desktop app of windows.

How to enable noise cancellation in Microsoft Teams

  1. The first thing is to launch  team and then click on your profile picture.

  2. Then click on Settings and then go to Devices.

  3. Look for the noise suppression  section. You can select between Low, High, Auto or no noise.

  4. Now apply the changes and you are all set to experience the result.

Microsoft teams background noise suppression levels.

There are four suppression levels in teams from which user can choose the best one according to his need.

  • Auto: this option is for you if you want to adjust the noise level according to the environment and it is auto adjustable.

  • High: It lets you turn off all the background noises except the speech. If the meeting is recorded to if live captions are on then you cannot use this option.

  • Low: This feature allows you to only cancel the repeated background sounds or noises.

  • Off: It means there is no more noise suppression, if you are somewhere where there is very low noise in the background then there is no need for it. You can simply get a good and high quality mic and people will be able to hear clearly.

Reduce Background noise in Teams Meeting Setting


Microsoft Teams background noise suppression feature allows you to clearly hear the speech only in the meeting. And especially if you are the one taking the meeting, then the other members will be able to hear you without any disturbance around.

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