How to Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 10

Duplicate files in the windows can take up space in your windows. So they can create a lot of clutter on your device. So you may be wondering how to get rid of them. They may also not allow you to identify the real file so you may end up using the duplicate file for important work. There are many cleaners available that will help you to perform the advanced clean of the duplicate files. Therefore with these cleaners remove windows 10 of the duplicate files. Here are the lists of the cleaners that will help you. 

1. Duplicate Cleaner Pro

If you want to eliminate the duplicate files without a trace then you can use the Duplicate Cleaner Pro. It has an easy interface with good features so it can delete duplicate files. Furthermore, this software is not free but they can offer a free trial which you can utilise to test the tool. Also, you do not need to worry about crapware or spyware. 

2. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Sometimes it is hard to use duplicate file finders because they come with lots of options. The Auslogics Duplicate File Finder offers an easy interface that gives you a tour of all the processes involved. So it will be easy for you to delete the duplicate files. Also, there are other convenient features too. There is a built-in preview pane that permits you to see images, listen to music, and preview videos. 

From time to time many updates will also be available which will help the app to work better. Some default settings provide a simple wizard. This will search the non-system folders by default so it will be easy for you to find them.

3. CCleaner

This is a cleaner which is popular among many Windows user. The main feature of this cleaner is that eliminates the junk file remover. It will help you to free up space by getting rid of unnecessary files. You can launch the cleaner by going to click Tools > Duplicate Finder to get this feature. Also, there are many versions of this cleaner. The default settings in this cleaner are good. Some of its features are free so you do not need to pay for them. 

4. SearchMyFiles

This is a more advanced application as there are more customizable features available. You can search for the created files, accessed or modified ones with their dates. The creator of this tool is NirSoft that has created many useful tools. So their cleaner is a useful and portable app. If you launch it you can find a search dialogue where you have to search for the duplicates. Then you can also make use of the Browse option. In each folder, you can make a careful search of the duplicates and get rid of them all. Check the settings you prefer and press “Start Search”. You will be able to find a list of duplicates in groups. So at last select the ones you like to eliminate. 

5. dupeGuru

This app comes with three options. One is the Standard Edition, the second is the Music Edition and the third is the Picture Edition. The picture edition will allow you to find duplicate images. For instance, there are some images files like JPG/JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF formats. You will be able to find the source of these formats with this tool. Furthermore, this tool helps you to have a look at the content of the file. So it can identify the same pictures even if they have different file names. This helps you to prevent deleting the unique files. 

6. CloneSpy

This is another duplicate file cleaner free utility tool. This does its job very well. Also, it has many features that the paid tools have. You can do byte to byte comparison with the CloneSpy. It can find the duplicates files in the local hard drive and network drives. This is a tool that can offer you the report of all the duplicate files in the windows. 

7. Some tips to organise files and photos

Many people keep their things on the desktop to save space in flash drives or memory cards. But do not let the files sit on the desktop for long as they can take lots of space. You can start to organise the files early on so they do not clutter. 

You have to follow the same thing for the downloaded files. If you download the photos or files you can save them. Then every week try to delete the files you may not need. However, do not create lots of folders because it can confuse you. So you can create a limited number of folders and store all your files. 

8. Try to keep your computer clutter-free 

Clutter in the computer can lead to issues in the computer. It can slow down the performance of the computer and the efficiency will be lost. That is why the organisation is important. You do not have to follow technical and complex ways to keep your computer sorted well. You only have to give your time once a week to do it. 

Use the cleaner tools given here to do the work for you. Get rid of the unwanted files lying dormant in the computer. The tools will help you to identify the files which you do not need and also the duplicate files. 


These are the ways you can get rid of duplicate files from your Windows 10. This will keep your PC clean of all unwanted files. 

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