How To Schedule a Text Message on Telegram

Messaging in Telegram is easy to do. But it is different from apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. So you may have a question on how to send the scheduled messages in Telegram. This is a type of feature in the app which will send the message you have typed at the right time you have set. This is a good thing if you are working with your colleagues. It is also good for reminders. You can send the scheduled messages even if you have closed the Telegram. That is why this feature is very helpful. Continue reading to know more. 

How to send an automatic message in Telegram? 

If you are thinking of how to send the automatic message in Telegram then we have gathered all the steps here. You can look at the steps and follow them. This will enable the app to send the photos, files, location, music and more at a specific time and day automatically. 

  • Firstly open the Telegram chat of a group or an individual you want to send the Telegram recurring message. 

  • Type the text or choose the media files you want to send. 

  • Then click on the send button. 

  • You will get a sub-menu with many options. 

How To Schedule a Text Message on Telegram - MessageHow To Schedule a Text Message on Telegram - Message
  • Next from the menu, you have to choose the Schedule Message.

  • Now select the time and date to send the message. 

How To Schedule a Text Message on Telegram - Schedule messageHow To Schedule a Text Message on Telegram - Schedule message
  • Complete by tapping the send option. 

Now you have finished the process to send the scheduled message. This message will be sent to the person at the set date and time. Until you cancel the scheduled message it will keep on doing its job. Moreover, the Telegram stores the messages on its server so if you want to change the message you can do it anytime. Also, the message will get sent even if the receiver is not online. 

How to handle the Scheduled messages? 

If you have scheduled a message in Telegram then you can handle the scheduled messages easily. If you do not need to send the recurring messages then you can cancel them. You can also edit the recurring messages. In this way, you can benefit from the feature. 

  • Open the chats in Telegram where you have set the Scheduled messages. 

  • Then find a calendar icon at the bottom.  

  • Click on that option and you will see the window of Scheduled Messages. Here you will be able to reschedule a message. With a single tap change the date and timings of the recurring messages. 

  • Next with the cancel option, you can cancel the recurring messages. 

  • Then with the option called Modify the message you will be able to edit the messages. 

  • Lastly, with the Schedule more messages in the chat option, you can include more recurring messages. 

At this moment there are no options in Telegram to manage with lots of recurring messages in a single place. But the app is going to offer more improvised settings in near future. This will enable us to manage the scheduled messages easily. 


With the steps available here you can schedule a text in Telegram. Hope the steps given here are beneficial to you.  

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