How to Set Up Guest Mode on Android

Make sure you know how to enable guest mode on your android device before handing it to the other person. Because in that you will not have to be concerned about that if the other person would be accessing through your personal stuff. In this way your privacy remains yours and without any hassle you can hand over your phone to the other person without worrying or to think of any excuse to make for not giving your phone. In this article we will be learning about it and the methods for to enable it on your android device.

What is Guest Mode?

When you enable Guest mode on android it will only give access to some essential apps like Google maps, Chrome or Gmail.

The good thing is that in this mode the user cannot access your personal things. Every personal stuff related to your Google account will also be blocked. It lets you be tension free when the device is in other hands.

However the guest user will be able to install applications from Google play, but he will have to be using a different Google account and payment method.  Even if the app is already installed on your phone, it will be turned to the guest profile. The guest user has the option of switching back to your account, but you are safe if you have protected your device and account with a password.

How to apply Guest Mode

The applying of the Guest Mode depends on what is the manufacturing and the version of the android device.

  1.  Tap the icon of your profile from the top-down of your phone.

  1. Click on Guest to select the Guest mode.

How to Set Up Guest Mode on Android - GuestHow to Set Up Guest Mode on Android - Guest

How Does Guest Mode looks like on your screen

When you are on the Guest mode it will only show a few selected apps on your device. When you open the app drawer you will see the default apps only. None of the apps you have installed will appear.

Method to switch off Guest Mode

If you wish to Exit the Guest mode you will again have to swipe down from the top of the screen to see the notification bar and then click on the Owner or Remove Guest option.

  • If you select the owner the guest  screen can be resumed from where it was left.

  • However if you select the Remove Guest it will delete the guest screen. All the apps that the user downloaded. The phone will then show you the lock screen and you will have to enter your password of pin code to access it.

How to add the Guest user

If you are someone who regularly has to be giving your phone to the other person. Then you better create a permanent guest account:

  1. To do that you need to swipe down from the top of the phone screen.

  2. Click  on the profile icon and get the notification bar.

  3. Select Add User.

  4. The new user who is using it will have to create a new account or login to an existing one.

How to Set Up Guest Mode on Android- Add GuestHow to Set Up Guest Mode on Android- Add Guest

The Guest mode on Android device

If the guest mode does not support your device you might need to search other options. The option to add additional users in the Settings. Then select User under this select the Guest option or the Setting option and then choose System option. Go to Advance and select Multiple users. However you can also try and search the Users or Guest under your device settings.

Remember that Multiple user accounts and Guest mode are not available on every android device. But there are some Guest Mode apps for android to help you. Like the Samsung security folder gives you the security of the devices for its users. Other phones or devices have other security modes that will hide some chosen apps, folders, and files.

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