How to Set up a Home Wi-Fi Network: The Best Way

In this article we will explain to you how to set up a home wi-fi with a wireless modem or router. In today’s world and time almost, everyone needs a good internet and wi-fi connection.  The small offices and the home networks connect multiple devices. Like PC, tablets, phones to connect each other and also to the internet. Be patient and read on to learn how to build and set up home wi-fi, for home and small offices and connect them to the internet. 

If your wireless router or modem is enabled for Wi-Fi Protected Set up (WPS), you can configure the devices with a push button. However, it is a security risk to have a WPS Setup on a router, so we suggest you disable WPS.

Here are the steps to Set up a Wi-Fi router

1. Look for a good location for the wireless router

The recommended place should be free from obstruction and in the center.

2. Turn off the modem

Before connecting the equipment make sure you turn off the cable, DSL, or fiber from the internet service provider.

3. Now connect the router to the modem

Plug in the Ethernet cable (Provided with the router) in the WAN port of the router. Now, connect the other end of the Ethernet cable with the modem.

4. Connect a computer or a laptop to the router

Connect the first end of the other Ethernet cable into the router LAN port, and another end into the laptop Ethernet port.

However, this wiring is not permanent as you will remove it after the setup is done.

Best Practices to follow to get Stable and Secure Wi-Fi Network

1. Power on the Modem, Router, and PC

It will be best if you power on these devices in the correct order. Therefore, turn on the modem first. After the modem lights are all on, then switch on the router. After the router is on, turn on the PC.

2. Go on to the management web page for the router

Open your browser and put the IP address of the administration page of the router. However, you can find this information on the router administration page. It would be like The information of the login is also manual.

3. Change the default password and username for the router

  • The setting is commonly on the router administration page in a section named as Administration or in a tab. Therefore, use a strong password, which you are able to recall.

4. Adding WPA2 security

This is an important step. You can get this set in the wireless security section of the router’s administration page. Therefore, choose which encryption to use and put a passphrase should be of eight characters. Because the more complex password, it will be the better it is.

5. Changing the wireless network name (SSID)

Select a descriptive name for your SSID to make it easier for you to identify. You can do it under the wireless network information section of the administration page.

6. Change the wireless channel (Optional):

If you are in some area where other wireless networks are there, then change the router’s wireless channel to reduce interference.

However, you can use a Wi-Fi analyzer app on your phone to search an uncrowded channel.

Set up your wireless adapter on the PC: After you save the configuration settings of the router, unplug the cable that links the PC to the router. Therefore, now plug a PC card wireless adapter or USB to the laptop if it does not have a wireless adapter in it.

Your PC will automatically install the drivers, or maybe you will have to use the Set up CD which comes with the adapter.

Connecting to the new wireless network: Therefore, search the set up and connect to it, on your PC and other wireless enabled devices.


Q. What can a wifi router be used for?

A.wireless router connects directly to a modem by a cable. This allows it to to create wireless network to connect with laptops, PCs, Mobiles etc.

Q. Can you just buy a wifi router?

A. Yes, Once can buy the wifi router by own, there are different brand and types of routers are available in offline & online shops.

Q. Do I need a router for WiFi?

A. To Create a WiFi network in your home or office , all you need is either a modem connected to a wireless router.

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