How to Transfer Contacts from Gmail to iPhone

Google provides its users with a feature that lets you save your contacts online on google, through Google Contacts. It not just provides you with number details which you can fill, but also it lets you edit the email and names as well. You can easily transfer your contacts from your Android phone to your iphone by the help of Google Contacts. Keep reading this article if you wish to learn to import google contact to iphone.

How to sync Contacts from Gmail to Iphone

We will see two methods with which you can transfer your contacts to iphone. Number one method includes enabling syncing contacts from gmail on iphone directly or you can import it with the help of icloud.

Method 1. Syncing google contact via Gmail

  1. Go to the Settings and then choose Account and Password.

  2. Then tap on Add Account and then select Google tap Next after entering the required information.

  3. Click on Save when the account is verified.

  4. Turn on the Contacts then Save to confirm.

Note: Please make sure that you google account connected to your iphone if you notice that it is not syncing by using SSL (the recommended secure connection).  Go to Settings then Contacts then click on Account. Tap your google account and turn on the contact then tap on the Account and Advanced, after that turn on Use SSL, tap the Account and it’s done.

Method 2. Import google contacts to iphone via iCloud

You can use iCloud to proceed in importing your contact to iphone. This method also lets you choose the particular contact you want to import rather than all the items. There are three steps to complete it: Export you Google Contact to Computer > Import those contacts to icloud > then turn on the contact sync in icloud iphone.

Exporting Google Contacts

  • From the browser of your computer go to Google contacts if you wish to export all the contacts, then please select the Export all contacts option from the left side on the window. Or you can select the contact one by one according to you preference and then click Export.

  • Confirm the contacts that you wish to exportthen choose vcard for iOS Contacts then click on Export.

Importing you Google Contacts to iCloud

  • Login in to your iCloud account by entering your Apple id and password from iCloud.com

  • Tap on the Contact iconthen click on the Gear icon and choose import vcard. So that you can choose the file which is imported from Google.

How to Transfer Contacts from Gmail to iPhone - icloudHow to Transfer Contacts from Gmail to iPhone - icloud

Turn on the contact sync in icloud

  • Go to the Settings > [Your Name] > icloud.

  • Turn on the Contacts

  • When it asks if you wish to Cancel or Merge them, then click on Merge.


There is also one Google contacts app for iphone which can enable you to transfer your data in one click you can look for it on the net or stores. Hope this article is helpful for you and solve your issue for backing up your contacts and staying connected to them.

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