How to Turn Off ‘Save Password’ Pop-Ups in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has this feature which is built in the feature ‘Save Password’ to help you save and sync site details. But if you use a unique password manager then the pop-up ‘Save Password’ can be annoying. However, it is for your ease only for next time when you login into the same site.

Every time you sign in to a new website your browser automatically shows a pop-up message in chrome ‘save password’.

That way it will sync all the devices that are linked to your Google account; therefore, it makes it easier for you.

However, you can disable them from chrome in Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android, for each platform the steps are different to do so.

How to Disable Auto Save Password in Google Chrome

However, you can disable this feature once and for all sections of chrome and the windows settings menu. Therefore, to do this, open the Chrome Browser on your PC, from the right side click on your profile icon, and select the password button.

You will now have to activate the option which says ‘Offer to save password’. Therefore, after you select this option the chrome will get the message that it should not show you any pop-up message from now.

Therefore, Chrome then instantly will disable the pop-up or pop-ups options.

Turning off ‘Save Password’ pop-up in android using Chrome

However, you can turn off this feature by going on to the setting menu. Therefore, to start this you need to open the chrome app on your android device.

  • Select the ‘Settings’ option here.

  • Now Navigate on to the ‘Password’ section.

  • Click the switch next to the ‘Save Password’ option.

Now chrome will not annoy you every time to Save username and password.

Disable Chrome Password autofill using iPhone, iPad.

The steps to disable this feature in chrome are different for iPhone and iPad app.

In this you will have to open the chrome app on your iPad or iPhone and tap the three dots icon in the lower right corner.

  • Choose the ‘Settings’ option.

  • Go to the ‘Password’ section.

  • Switch on the toggle says ‘save password’.

Now chrome on your iPhone or iPad will not ask you to save password every time you login to a site.


Now there will not be any annoying message asking you to save your password or username. Apply these methods and you will be free from the chrome policy of saving passwords or usernames.

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