How to Turn on Android phone without using Power Button

Power button is a very important hardware of the phone. Without it, it’s not possible to access the device or enter its software. However, there might be some reasons because of which you are unable to use it, maybe your phone is broken or unresponsive. Here are some methods to turn on the phone without a power button. There can be a number of reasons for the power button to not be working and when you notice it, it is very tough to use a mobile with a broken or unresponsive power button.

You can opt for some couple of methods to solve this issue. Either you can use Android’s scheduled power feature or use the third-party app. Using ADB command, or you can also try to solve the software issue by using basic troubleshooting steps.

1. Screen is not turning on.

It is obvious that you cannot turn on your phone display or access it if the power button is not working. In this case you can try to plug your mobile in the charging port or you can ask someone to call you on your number. Which will enable the phone screen for you to see it. After this you can try the methods below.

However, you can always use the fingerprint scanner to unlock it if you have one. Or if the phone’s battery is drained you can connect it to the charging port to restart your device.

2. Schedule power on and off feature on the phone.

Every Android phone has a built-in power on and off feature in the settings option of the mobile. Hence, if you wish to switch on your mobile phone without using the power button then follow these steps.

Go to Settings > System > Restart & Reset > Auto -restart > Scheduled power on/off. 

After that, you can also set the timings for power on and off. Because if your phone is not getting on for some reason, at least it can be rebooted at the set timings and it will prevent you from not being able to use your phone.

*Note: In Samsung devices follow: Settings > Device Management > Restart & Reset > Auto -restart > Scheduled power on/off. 

Refer the video and follow the steps:

3. You can remap the power button by using a third-party App.

There are many third-party apps available that will help you restart or switch on your phone. Install or download the Power button to volume check for boot and screen off options in that, and allow it.

Power button to volume App

After which you will be able to turn your phone using the volume button by tapping the notification. However, face lock or fingerprint might not work in it. And you might have to access or unlock your phone by entering the Pin code or pattern of your phone.

If you are having a Samsung mobile set which has a Bixyby button, you can remap it as a power button by using ADB.

4. If you are using an ADB command it will require you to Debug the USB.

You can try the ADB command on your computer if your phone is not restarting. However, please remember it will require the debugging of the USB to enable it on your phone.  Make sure that the default connection mode is set to File Transfer and not Charge only.

  1. Use a usb to connect your phone to the PC.

  2. Install ADB driver on the computer.

  3. Press Shift+rRight Click and choose open Powershell Windows here. 

  4. Once you open the window, type in ADB devices and see if your device code appears on the screen with the serial number.

  5. Now type in ADB reboot and hit enter.

  6. It will then reboot your phone.


Hope this method will help you restart the phone without using the power button. Anyway, if your power button breaks completely, then visiting an authorized service center is a good option and change it. Thank you for reading it, also share it among your friends to spread the knowledge.

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