How to use WhatsApp without Sim or Mobile Number?

Are you questioning yourself something like Can I use WhatsApp without a sim card on my phone? Or How to activate WhatsApp without a mobile number or sim? Then this article is the right place for you to learn the methods. In this article, you will be learning the tried and tested methods for how to use your WhatsApp without a sim card on your Android, Tablet, iPhone, or iPad.  So without any delay let’s get started.

How to Use WhatsApp without a sim or a phone number?

As we discussed above in this article that we have tried and tested methods for you to be able to use WhatsApp without a sim card, you can try any of the methods and apply the one you find easier for you.

Before we begin please note that you will have to follow these steps for starting to use it without a sim or phone number.

The steps are:

  • Firstly, download the WhatsApp application on your Android or IOS device.

  • For instance, if you already have the application installed on your device make sure if it is verified or not

  • And if you find that your WhatsApp is already verified then uninstall the app in order to delete your current number and then reinstall it.

Try using the TextNow method

TextNow messaging app provides you with a unique phone number which you can use for your WhatsApp verification process.

So make sure you download the TextNow messaging app on your device.

1. How to Download TextNow on your mobile

In order to download the app on your android phone go to the google play store and search for it and install it, for iPhone you need to search for it on the Apple app store and for windows phone search for it on the windows phone store.

How to use WhatsApp without Sim or Mobile Number - TextNow in PlaystoreHow to use WhatsApp without Sim or Mobile Number - TextNow in Playstore

2. Launch the TextNow app and note your number

  • Once you open the TextNow app & complete the Sign-up process and Login

How to use whatsapp without Sim - TextNow Signup or LoginHow to use whatsapp without Sim - TextNow Signup or Login
  • Select the + icon on the home screen and select the Country name for which you wish to get the number

How to use whatsapp without Sim - TextNow Get NumberHow to use whatsapp without Sim - TextNow Get Number
How to use whatsapp without Sim - TextNow Get Number Select countryHow to use whatsapp without Sim - TextNow Get Number Select country
  • Select a number and note that number

  • So now that you have a virtual number, you will now need to install WhatsApp and get the process of setup done on the device. Make sure that you put that virtual number which you had selected from the TextNow app.

  • Be patient for some time till the SMS verification option gets canceled and you choose to call on the number for the verification code from WhatsApp, keep the TextNow application open. In a few seconds you will get an authentication call on the virtual number that TextNow provided you giving you the verification code for WhatsApp.

  • Now that you have the verification code you are ready to launch the WhatsApp.

How to get your WhatsApp verified without the code?

Well it is not possible to get the WhatsApp application activated without a code entered, as we mentioned in above methods that it is either SMS option or Call option but anyhow you will to be entering the authentication code given to you by WhatsApp, you can use a landline number and select for the call option and the code received.

Can you get a virtual free phone or mobile number?

Well, as you must have noticed that what all points we discussed above are that we opted for a virtual number in order to set up the WhatsApp account through the app called TextNow. However, you can also try Google voice which can provide you with a free virtual number but to get that you should already be having an active US number. Another way to get a free virtual number is that you can look for many other app options which provide you with a virtual number like Virtual Phones, Global call forwarding, Fresh caller, My operator, Grasshopper, or US call forwarding.

Almost all of these apps have the same methods, just enter the right country code and select a suitable number for yourself. Alright now you are all set and ready to launch your WhatsApp and use it without a phone number, I hope the above-mentioned methods will help you and answer your question, go ahead and share this technique of using WhatsApp without a phone number without any hassle.

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