Huawei P50 Pro Leaks Reveals Unique Rear Camera Design

No wonder Huawei had a tough time during the 2020 as its sales were too high however we cannot say the same thing about its smartphones. Huawei is all set and ready for the new launch of P50 Pro in the coming weeks. However, there are a number of details which are leaked about the design and the attractive camera of this device.

Huawei P50 Pro leaks

Steve Hemmers offer has shared some very important and unique information about Huawei P50 Pro. However, its specs do not have more information as it is imported from somewhere else. But they still have more information about the eye catching design and its function.

Huawei P50 Pro Design leaked

  • According to the information this smartphone has come up with the glass rear panel.

  • This device will have a flat edge of metal frame on the top and the bottom.

  • Its size will be 159x73x8.6 per the information.

  • The smartphone will have a silique display of 6.6- inch.

  • According to the information this device is coming up with the curved edges.

  • Its selfie camera might have a centered hole punch.

Huawei P50 Pro Camera

While it is very well understandable that the device is coming up with a very crispy and premium camera. However, its slim chin and the thin bezels are to be the two most prominent things that will be in it. However, the main and the most attractive thing it will have is the design and the look of the camera.

According to the XDA-developer’s story which was posted on March 10th on Wednesday, whereas the Hemmers offer did not give the complete details of the camera but he has given quite good details about its design. Huawei P50 Pro Camera is going to have a huge pill shaped hump that will have a number of lenses in which it will be having circular cutouts. Hence, we cannot say about its final specs, by the video alone.

Similarities between Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P40

However, its camera design is going to be the main design among its fans. It will not remain the only thing, as the device is going to provide a lot more features. The current information is still revolving around the information that Hemmers offer gave back in December.

According to its information the device will not be launching with the magnetic earpiece speaker in the system that was in the Huawei P40. Instead of that this device will have a standard earpiece. It is also said that the device will have an in display fingerprint sensor for the smartphone’s security. Moreover, we still need to wait for the information of the more features of the device, like battery, chipset, camera sensor and so on.

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