PS6 (Play Station 6): Specs, Release Date, Expected Price, and News

PS5 is the recently launched PlayStation that came in 2020. But there is still no bad time to discuss what is coming next. Gamers are very excited for the next model Sony PS6 that will still take 6-7 years for the launch. It will take time to pack it with the best hardcore and the best components. Hence, it is the expectation of every gamer. It will probably let you expand the internal storage, which will be similar to PS5. The device not have any hard disc drive, and will have good enhancement. It will have a wireless charging pad and modular updated capabilities.

PS6 Release Date

As per the earlier release of Sony PS models, we all can get an idea that it takes years to come. Because the brand seems to be the best technology. Similarly, Sony PS6 will also take years; it may come in 2026 or 2027 as they have many plans for it.

Sony has also talked about its trademarks for its coming projects – PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and PS10. Sony will never be disheartened us with its models as they come up with the best software and hardware every time.

The first PlayStation or PS was launched approx. 20 years ago. While between the launch of PS3 and 4 it had a gap of 7 years. It was a big gap from Sony. Because the second PS that is PS2 did not come 5 years after PS1 Launch.  And so PS3 came after six years and eight months after the PS2 launch. So by looking at these long durations we can assume that it will take approximately six to seven years.

   Features of PS6

  • Camera: The most awaited feature we can expect in PS6 is the camera alternatives. By which you can sight the pictures on your screen anytime and everywhere.

  • Motion Controllers: Just right from your seat you can experience the virtual world as real, by this feature.

  • HDMI: Sony is the brand that offers the best Audio and Video quality. Therefore, without any doubt we can have it here too.

  • Built-in Wireless: Modern days PlayStation can connect to the internet wirelessly, however charging the console without a wire will be awesome. But here we are referring to being more realistic: a point at the top of the console or a slide out, which will charge wirelessly. You can put your phone on it or headphones, or controllers you can charge wirelessly.

  • Enhancement of the Storage: If the device’s internal hard drive does not have enough space, then expanding it in PS5 is possible. It’s good that Sony makes it more accessible for Sony PS6 in terms of internal space. So, it is easier, like plug and go models. 

  • Smaller in design: The PS5 is tall in size, depending if you are sitting in a room everyone can easily notice it. Hopefully, PS6 will be a little smaller in size. As it will be easier to fit it with your other items as well.

  • Digital Consoles: Similar to phones which are without a charging port, or headphone jack, the disc less console is not for everybody. But soon it will be in trends in upcoming years, it will not work if you want to collect games physically.

PS 6PS 6

Price for PS6 (Expected)

The earlier PS5 cost around $ 500, and we can expect that the new PS6 price will be higher. Still, we cannot predict the exact price of PS6 in the coming 6-7 years. Because Sony has been committed and promising the best in the gaming industry for consoles, but according to the PS6 rumors its Price would be $600.


The hype on the social media and the craze, the demand among people was a clear indication to Sony to launch the new model. We are sure that Sony is all set and confident that PS6 is going to be another success for them in the future. And there are also chances that the company will not have to sacrifice anything against its launch due to the pandemic.

Sony is so confident of the success of the PlayStations and they already planned to release more PS models. The company has filed a trademark in Japan for it. Therefore, the PS5 has just launched and is still going successful in the market, people are keen to see PS6 already.

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