10 Amazing and Interesting Facts about Dimples

 People who have dimples are attractive and people are always attracted to their smiles. However, dimples are rare and that is why people want to know how they can form dimples or how they are formed. Many people have dimples and why do most people have only one dimple? People have dimples on their cheeks, are cute and very lovable, people adore their smile.

This is the most usual reason why everyone wants to have dimples. So in this article, we will be learning 10 amazing and interesting facts about dimples. Do not forget to share them with your dimpled friends. They would love to read the facts about them! Therefore without wasting any further time let’s get started in knowing the interesting facts about dimples.

Dimple on Cheeks Astrology

Face dimpleFace dimple

Having dimples on the cheeks have their own name, yes dimples are so important that having them has a unique and individual name in the dictionary.  The dimples that occur when a person laughs are known as Gelasin. It is derived from the Greek word ‘gelaein’ which means “to laugh.”

Dimples can occur due to the genetic deformity

A dimple can be formed on different parts of the skin such as, chin, cheeks and back. Have you ever wondered what it means to have a dimple on the left cheek? Well, it means nothing. It is just a genetic deformity which can make it occur either left or right cheek or maybe on both. It is just because of the genetic deformity.

Benefits of Dimples

The other among the interesting facts about dimples in the benefits it has. As per many traditions and cultures the formation of dimples is a good sign. It is a sign of having good fortune. So, if you belong to any such culture or belief, you are lucky.

So how many people do have dimples?

Dimples are very common. Did you know that only 20 percent of the population have dimples? Maybe this is the reason why people who have dimples consider themselves extraordinary and flaunt their looks around. However, the rest of 80 percent of the population only have a wish to get dimples.

Get Dimples through the machine

Well dimples machine was created in 1936 by a woman named Isabelle Gilbert. Of course, when the technology has gone so high then creating dimples is no big deal. It is a simple mask to be worn on the face for some time in order to create the dimples on your cheeks.

They are no always inherited

However according to previous studies, the dimples are genetic deformity. But according to a new study which came out in 2017 dimples are not always inherited. This is another month of interesting facts about dimples. So, it is not highly necessary that if you belong to a dimple family you will also have dimples.

Chin Dimples are different from cheek dimples

Not everyone who has dimples are only on the cheek, some can be on the chin which is known as cleft chin. These chins have a gap in the middle of the chin that also depends on your genetics. However, be it a chin or a cheek dimple both appear more widely when you smile or laugh.

Dimple on the back

Back dimpleBack dimple

Yes, you can also get dimples on the back, people with back dimples are more flexible. Hence it is also a genetic deformity. In one way or the other, it is good also bad also, as being too flexible will require you to have much calcium in order to preserve your bones and ligaments. One well-known fact about back dimples related to pleasure in sex life. Yes, people with back dimples feel heightened pleasure during intimacy.

Dimples are mostly forever

Unlike other people there will be some people who would like to eliminate their dimples, maybe because they do not like that? But it is no good news that dimples are hard to get eliminated. You can go through surgery which might make your features look bad and people will easily notice it.

Dimples can make you look younger

It is said that having dimples can easily hide your age! This is the reason why women more than men like to have a dimple on their cheeks. As dimples have a tendency to make you look young and cute and attractive. However only 20 percent of people can avail this advantage from nature or genetics.


In conclusion we hope that you like our blog about the interesting facts about dimples. It is something unique to have the gap on your facial skin which can make you look attractive and younger. If reading this article helps you know the interesting facts about you lor someone who has the genetic deformity it means the dimples then share it. We are sure that you will be liking it. Dimples are good but make sure you do not undergo any surgery or anything as it can harm your skin in the later time.

Being simple is good, being yourself is good too. Also do not go any surgery in order to eliminate the dimples if you do not like them on your face. Consider yourself lucky enough to be among those 20 percent of the population that have these dimples. Take pride in it and live free. Thank you for reading this blog and learning the interesting facts you might be looking for after getting compliments for your dimpled cheeks or chin. Like and share it with you friends.

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