14 Best Websites to Download Free eBooks

Are you an E-reader? Are you looking to download E-books for free? Then this is the right place you have come to. This article will help you learn 14 best websites to download free eBooks.

However, a physical E reader will always prefer going to the book store and pick the best one or himself or herself, but having eBooks can be really handy to read.

Additionally, you will also have the access to download books and read on the go. Believe it or not we all want somewhere to have good picks for reading. Maybe you are traveling, maybe you took a long road or flight.

Be it any reason a book in hand is a great way to kill time and at the same time to educate yourself and gain some knowledge.

Best websites to download eBooks

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg will give you more than 57,000 eBooks from the public domain. You are not required to download any app or pay anything. However, you will not find the latest books but there are classic books available there 24/7.

Google eBook store

In google eBook stores under the free section you find plenty of free books to read. You can choose from best sellers, favorite classics and much more. There are many formats the books are available in. However, to assure yourself for the pick, you can read the reviews for a particular book.

Open Library

Open Library is the best among the websites to download free eBooks. It has more than one million free eBooks for you to read. Library catalog is an open online project or archive the internet and lets you contribute books. It is easy to search by author or title.


This is also a great website to download free eBooks. Especially if you are searching for education or course related books. It has more than 1,000 free eBooks you can read. You do not have to download or register to read them. Hence it will be a good pick for you to gain knowledge or to prepare for the course.

It provides you with more than 29,000 free eBooks on the go. Therefore, in this also you can search books by title, author, genres, language or reviews. As per your choice.  Therefore, these books are easily compatible with kindle iPad and other ereaders.

Free eBooks

Beginning from mystery to drama, this website has it all you need. However, when you are wanting to select you can choose from ratings and reviews. Hence if you are looking for eBooks you can get a wide number of ranges through this website to download free eBooks.


Now if you are looking to listen to audio books instead of reading. You can opt for librivox, it is a hub for free audiobooks including classic and out of print books. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead to browse amongst your favorite audiobooks on LibriVox now.

PDF Books world

Well, we should be thankful for the public domain so we can access the PDF version of all the classical books we were wanting to read. It is a big virtual library for plays, literature, poetry, drama, non-fictional books. Which you can download at any time you want. According to your ease and your pick.


Now Feedbooks is similar to the PDF Books world. Feedbooks require you to sign up for an account to download books that are available through the public domain. However, just make sure that when you are signed into Feedbooks you are under the ‘public domain’ tab and not under the ‘premium’ tab.

International Digital Children’s Library.

In this website you can access numbers of books for children, apart from classic and other mature readers

books. Here you will find award winning books which will range in length and also in reading levels. Therefore, you will also find a wide range of languages starting from English to Farsi. So it will be a good pick for you or your child.


This is an online free eBook source which will give you access to more than 4485 free books under 96 categories. You can anytime download and search the books by genres like Scientific, engineering, programming, fiction and many other ones. You are not required to register in order to download your free eBooks.


4ebooks is a big hub for computer programming eBooks. Each book which you can download has a small description with its reviews. You will be able to find more than 1000 free eBooks in every computer programming field, like Net, ActionScript, Ajax, Apache etc.


GetfreeEbooks is the best website to download free eBooks. Here you can download books completely free. All the books here are legal and downloadable for free. It is available in many formats and genres like others. The best way to search the books here or on any platform if by reading its reviews.


Globusz is a very unique publishing house, especially in eBook downloading. Here you will also get the best star rating showcase for the new and upgrading authors. Hence it will be a good platform for you if you are an author or a writer of books. So do not wait, go ahead and browse here for free.


We hope this article will help you learn more about eBooks websites, where you can easily find and browse the books. Books are always there to gain knowledge and to enhance learning. If you really like to share it with your friends.

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