Best Apple Watch Apps You Should Install on Your Apple Watch

The apple watch is out of the box and it is a great thing to have, however you will require few apps to make it sing! Apple watches have always been a great thing to keep on your wrist but the series 6 is the best one yet. However, you will not be able to know unless you try to explore a bit.

When we talk about the apple watch apps, we simply cannot imagine without it. However, some are free while some ask no price, but both are worth having. However, there are many apps you can download but still apple’s native apps are still the best ones.

1. Carrot Weather

There is no doubt that there are numbers of good weather apps that would tell you the right weather. Many watches do support the Apple Watch however Carrot weather may be one of our favorites. It provides specific and excellent weather reports with lots of customization and achievements. The only drawback is that this app will cost you $ 4 .99 and above that you will have to subscribe for the premium membership. And some features are also locked behind other charges that they require.

2. Tiny Armies

tiny Armiestiny Armies

This is true that there aren’t good games that are designed for an Apple watch. Probably this is a good sign that there are not because it has a small screen which cannot be confined to a small screen of a watch. However Tiny Armies can be considered which is available for iPhone. It has a very good design which flashes very nicely on the screen. So next time when you are looking to kill time you can try it from the Apple Apps store on your wrist instead of pulling your iPhone over and over again!

3. PB Lost Phone Alert


We all desire someone to be there to remind us if we leave our expensive phone like an iPhone behind. Then how about if your wrist watch works this task for you? Yes, this app will notify you on your Apple watch if you are somewhere in the Bluetooth range.  Well, you might wonder if it is worth it or not? Yes, it is worth it if you are kind of a person who keeps forgetting his or her things behind. It is a good thing to spend money on something that could save you or your things.

4. Streaks


You should know that reputation is the key if you want to create a new habit. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscles, meditate, get a new hobby, etc. You cannot learn anything in a day if you are not consistent. Streaks is a simple method to keep reminders to do a task each day. It can track up to 12 activities a day. Remember that quote? “Practice makes a person perfect”. It will help you in keeping your things in practice. Try it to install from Apple apps store, you will definitely love it.

5. Citymapper

So, you want your directions right on your wrist? Well, Citymapper is a good option if you wish so. Citymapper is an absolutely amazing transit app. It will help you know the bus and subway time alerts, and lets you service outages. It will also help you plot your trips indeed. Isn’t it great to just have a glance on your wrist and know your way? Only one downside this app has that it will work only in the selected big cities since it depends on the public transit data. It will be a good option if you are travelling to a new Metro city.

6. Spotify


Number 5th on our list is Spotify. It is no doubt a famous music app that needs no introduction. It has become the one-stop for all music lovers who want to listen to their favorite music. However, you will have to use the premium one to let it play on its own. It will be available at $12.99 per month with exciting discounts. This way you can stream through your favorite music or podcast without using your phone.

7. Night Sky


This is the best app and loved by every iPhone or iPad holder. If you ever looked up and imagined what stars or planets are there? Then this is the place for you. In fact, it has some slick AR modes, notification letting you watch the international space station fly overhead. You might wonder if you will not be needing any sky chart on your wrist. But you are not right in that view, it is almost like magic as you will get to see many amazing things on the sky through this.

8. Breathe


This app will remind you to just take out a few mins out of your busy day and meditate. However, you can mute the Breathe reminders as per your choice, and you can open the app manually whenever you will like relaxing a bit. You will see an animation kind of symbol that will indicate you to breathe in and out for 1 to 5 mins. You will also be able to check your heart rate during the session.

9. Camera

Yes, you are right to think that! You can take a picture with a watch. But with a camera app on the watch, it will be like a remote control for your iPhone’s camera. You can use it to click selfies or start a video recording and that way it will be easier for you to make it handy for yourself. This is a great way to keep you a bit relaxed and sit back while clicking your selfie or maybe a groupfie. You can find camera control apps in Apple watch very helpful.

10. AutoSleep


So, Apple has finally launched the sleep tracker on the watch OS 7, however it is a bit lackluster. It will only be working during some particular hours and will not tell you the quality of the sleep you had. But without a doubt, it is a good sleep tracking app out of all, because it will not be lagging too much and it will be up to date. So go ahead and install in Apple watch from Apps store. However, it is not bad to get a few bucks in order to get quality sleep, right?

11. 1Password

1Password is the absolute favorite as it will give you sure security. It is also very easy to use along with robots’ tools on multiple platforms. It will come with a 30 days free trial. After that, you will have to pay $ 3 per month for a singular plan, or for a family plan, you will have to pay $5 per month. It is an app worth having especially at the cost of your security. It is good to buy a good gadget but it is a must to secure them perfectly.

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