How to Access iCloud Mail from a Web Browser: Easy Steps to Follow

iCloud is a service offered by Apple that syncs and stores data. So you can access the data from all your devices. Also, it allows you to keep the data in Apple’s cloud for accessing any time. You can access the iCloud on iPhone or iPad after you have signed into the iCloud account. Some of the data you can access through the iCloud service are calendars, reminders, contacts and more. So this means you can Access iCloud Mail through a web browser such as Chrome and Microsoft Edge. You can have a unique mail address. Here find all the details on how to access iCloud Mail from a web browser.

What is iCloud Web Interface?

The iCloud is a data service that has a web interface. This helps you to access the information you need and also modify some settings. Visit and then type Apple ID and password. A window will appear that will show you the icons which you can access. Some of them are the following.

  • Your data such as email, calendar, contacts, reminders and notes.

  • Your photos from the iCloud Photo Library.

  • The apps where you store data like iWork apps, Pages, Numbers and more.

  • The files you have saved in iCloud Drive.

  • Some tools will aid you to find your friends and the devices in Apple. Also, you use the settings in your Apple ID and the devices.

Why use iCloud on the web?

If you use iCloud on the web, it offers you access to any of your Apple devices. So if you lose your iPad or iPhone, you can access the data from the web browser. Or, if you want to get the data from your mac when you are at work, you can access your data with email in a web browser.

There is also a way to log into Gmail and get the email from the web interface. If you use Evernote to store files, you will be able to visit the site as well through an iCloud web browser.

If you are not having your mac but want to edit the files in your Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, you can use the iCloud interface. It permits you to access the files from any computer. Therefore, the feature of access to iCloud Mail can be a lifesaver. You can click pages, go to Recents or Browse and find the files. If you are travelling, you can put all the files in iCloud to access iCloud Mail from the web browser.

How can you find your friends and devices?

One best feature of iCloud on the web is that you can use the Find My iPhone tool. You can press the icon found on the main iCloud page. Then you have to type in your password. After that, you can find the latest locations in all the devices linked with Apple ID. So if you lose your iPhone, you can immediately use this option. You can find out the location of the device.

In the same way, you can also find your friends’ locations if they have iOS devices. The friends have to share their locations with you so you can find them.

How can you access iCloud Mail from the web browser?

  • The iCloud Mail will get linked to your Apple ID. But your email ID has to end with “”.

  • You can open any browser on the computer from any of your devices.

  • Then you have to enter URL in the address bar.

  • Or else you can enter the email address related to your Apple ID and press enter. After that, press the password and enter.

  • If you are using two-factor authentication, then enter a one-time password you get from your Apple devices.

  • Then click the “Trust” button for the process to continue.

  • After that, you have to go to and press the “Mail” option.

  • If you do not see the mail option, you have not created the iCloud email address with Apple ID. So you have to set up the account on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

  • Then you can see the iCloud Mail inbox on the web.

  • You will be able to access iCloud Mail from the inbox. So get all your sent emails. Some features like flagging and deleting emails are also present.

  • You can reply and also create a new email. It will open in new windows.

But you have to keep one thing in mind. As you are using the iCloud Mail from the web browser, you have to sign out as soon as you complete the work. Then the browser will ask you if you trust the browser or not. Furthermore, you have to press Trust so you can access iCloud Mail again. So click “Trust and Sign Out”. After that, you can log out of the iCloud Mail.

What are the features available in iCloud?

If you press the Account settings, you can access many useful features. Look at the iCloud storage status, which shows you the activities. Moreover, there will be devices that you can add or remove. Also, there are some advanced settings that you can make use of. If you delete some important files wrongly, then you can restore them all. Additionally, you can manage the apps on your devices through the Apple ID.


These are the ways that will help you to access iCloud Mail. You can use the web browser to access the files from your iOS devices.

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