How to Automatically Backup Photos on Google Photos

The Google Photos backup is a useful app because you automatically back up photos on Google photos. That is why it is a boon for smartphone users, as they can back up all their precious photos and videos. If you do not back up all the photos and videos, it will take you lots of time to transfer all the data to new devices. Here you will learn all the things about Google Photos. Most importantly, you can learn how to automatically backup photos on Google photos. So continue reading to know more about how to use it effectively.

What are the great features of Google photos?

Google Photos has plenty of features that make our life easy. This is because, without any clutter, you can easily organize all your photos in the app. Furthermore, there are other excellent features too. We have listed them out for you.

  • The Google photos can automatically store all your images once you permit it.

  • You can reorganize your files in folders and give your name to them. Long press the photos and click the + option. Then choose the album you like to automatically backup photos on Google photos.

  • There is also the option to make some of the photos your favourites. Click the star option to place the folders in the Favorite Folder easily.

  • In the Google photos backup, there is a way to showcase your creativity. With the app’s features, you can make awesome collages and slideshows with your images and videos.

Backup photos in Google photos

Saving the photos in Google’s cloud storage is easy; however, the instructions vary on some devices. It allows you to sync the apps to all your devices, and even you can utilize it to remove some images after the backup is over. Here are the steps on how to automatically backup photos on Google photos.

How to backup photos on iPad or Mac with Google Photos?

  • First of all, install the Google Photos app on your iPhone or mac.

  • Then the Google photos backup will ask for your permission to start the backup. You can choose to allow the app to save all your images and videos on your album.

  • So after you have given permission, all the photos and videos will automatically back up on Google Photos. Each photo you take will get backed up, so you need not worry about it getting lost or deleted.

  • On the mac device, you have to select the file of your photos where your photos will get backed up.

  • If you want to turn off the automatic sync in the Google photos backup, choose Menu, settings, Back up and sync. This will help you turn the sync ON or OFF.

How to backup photos on a Computer with Google Photos?

  • Install the backup or sync, which is the desktop downloader for Google photos.

  • Then sign in to your Google account then only you can use Google photos.

  • Go to the settings. Back up photos and videos.

  • Choose the folders that you want to automatically backup in Google Photos.

  • Choose the upload size of the photo or video. There is High-quality which offers unlimited storage, and Original, which gives 15GB storage.

  • After that, choose Start.

How to backup photos on Android with Google photos? 

  • First of all, you have to download the Google Photos app from the Google Play Store.

  • After installing it, the Google Photos app will ask you permission to back up your images and videos from the phone album.

  • You can select which folders you want to backup.

  • Then the app will start to automatically backup photos from those folders. 

  • To free up the storage on your Android phone, choose to free up space option. This will let you remove the images backed up from the device album. So you get more room to store your more important images.

Ensure whether the photos get saved and backed up?

After completing the backup process, you will be ready to remove the photos from your gallery or change your phone. But you have to check if the Google photos backup has backed up all the photos. Confirm whether all the images and videos are safely stored in the app. This is because sometimes the Google photos backup may not have backed up some images. Therefore to automatically backup photos on Google photos, you can follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Google photos app. Then click the profile icon in the right corner.

  • In the Menu, you can see the images that the app is yet to backup. To back up the photos turn on the Wi-Fi and wait for the backup process to get over. But if you did not see any images, then everything is already backed up.


These are the ways to automatically backup photos on Google photos. Follow the steps above and enjoy using the google photos app.


Q. Will Google Photos keep my photos if I get a new phone?

A. Google Photos backup your photos in your google account in cloud memory if you have done the setting to save it in Google Photos. You can get all photos back to your new phone when you connected to your Google account.

Q. Why is Google Photos not backing up my photos?

A. You have to check the setting into Google Photos app whether the automatics backup On or Not. It should be On. There could be another reason if you are running out of Google Account memory.

Q. Do Google Photos stay forever?

A. Google Photos keeps your photos till your Google Account is Active.

Q. Is it safe to keep photos in Google Photos?

A. As long your Google Account is secure, your photos on Google Photos are secure.

Q. Can anyone see my Google Photos?

A. Google does not share your photos to anyone on stating on Google Photos. Your photos can be seeing by anyone only when you share the photo with someone.

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