How to Block Robocalls and Spam on your Landline

We all have been through this thing where we have to face unwanted calls. The call could be related to anything, any service to provide you with, or use spammers to use the robocalls system to annoy you!

Steps to Block Robocalls and Spam on your Landline

However, most of the operators now offer to block such calls. But if you are being loaded with such spam calls on your landline then it can be a big issue. As we all know that blocking calls on a landline is not that easy however if you follow some steps, you might get rid of it and you will be able to block robocalls on your phone or landline.

  • Talk with your service provider and see if it has any anti-spam software which is available. Because many providers do such as spectrum communications.

  • However, if your carrier does not have the software then it might be able to flag you when the caller is a robocall. Verizon can block calls on the phone but yet do not provide any software for blocking the calls. However, according to the company, it will begin in a few months to come.

  • If your phone is still an old-fashioned copper-wired one then buying a hardware call blocker makes sense. Most of them come pre-programmed where they would already block several numbers as spam already. And you can also add new numbers as blacklisted in the machine.

  • These devices like CPR V5000 IR the Macheeta Call Blocker can easily come under $100 easy to install and deal with.

  • When you are using this device and ounces you block a particular number, and if that number would try to call you it will be ringing only one time and will cut automatically, that way you will understand that it was a black-listed number.

  • However, if you are dialing a range of spam calls from multiple sources, then it has different ways to stop them.

  • Remember that none of them are the sure solutions but you can still give it a try.

  • Start by adding your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry.

  • This is the operator of databases by the Federal Trade Commission FTC it is a reputed and known tool that is used by many people out there.

The Thread of Robocalls

According to a recent report from Washington, the rate of spamming calls has increased by 46 percent as compared to last year. However, it is totally understandable that such calls can easily be the cause of hindrance between your important or personal work.

Maybe you could be dining, or watching your favorite TV show after a hectic day, and the coming off such calls might ruin your mood completely. However, the seriously threatening spammers can actually put you in worry if you do not provide them with a check or IRS. and who knows you might be their victim if you are not that strong.

Why is it Importance to Block Robocalls

This is why the Government has tried to step in with the National Do Not Call Registry. Which is meant to break the chain of the spammers and stop them from calling a person again and again. However, if you want to consider this step that it will take a lot of your effort, as when you submit your number to it, they will stop every sales call that reaches your number.

Therefore, you can try the above ways to get rid of spam calls. However, the best way is simply not to answer the calls and it will eventually fade away. And if the caller is someone who is in need to reach you then he will surely drop a message to call him or her back. Then if you feel like ask per your choice you call or not call the particular person.

Software to Block Robocalls and spam on Landline

While there is software for anti-spamming, the best one is Nomorobo. After you register your number on it the calls will be ringing on the places. One on your phone and the second at the office screen of the Nomorobo.

The company will disconnect the call if found it spam. So That call does not reach your landline phone. However, this works mostly for the VIP number who are in much prevention for the threatening. So, it is much more recommended for you to use it.

But make sure you are not using the old version of telephone otherwise it will not be of any help for you.


We hope this blog answered your question about block robocalls and spam on your landline. Remember the best way to avoid a number is not to answer Robocalls. But still, if it causes too much trouble then considering the above steps does make sense. All the best, share it with your friends if you like it and help them too.

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