How to Convert Word Documents Into Images (jpg, png, gif, tiff)

Are you looking to convert the word documents or maybe a part of them into Images? Well, you will be happy to know that Microsoft Word itself has this feature to do this for you. 2016 version and better allow you to convert a doc into an image by using “Paste Special”. From there you will get the option to convert Word Document into the image, jpeg, jpg, png, and other formats of your choice.

This is a simple method and gives you a high-resolution quality which will be better than other docs- to- image converters that you get online. So, what more does it offer you? You get the option to convert any word documents into any type of the images or graphics like- jpg, tiff, png or gif.

Therefore, do not waste your time spending to convert your text into image on the online scams. When it is so easy for you to follow simple steps and convert it for your.

  1. Simply select what doc you would be liking to convert into image?

  2. Now copy that doc.

  3. Open up a new document.

  4. Now ‘Paste special’ it.

  5. Select picture.

  6. Now right click on the image and then select “Save as Picture.” 

  7. Choose the format you wish to convert the image into from the drop-down menu.

For more details- look for the instructions below:

1. Choose what you would be liking to save as an image

If you want to convert the whole document into an image then select All you can do this by;

  • Press Ctrl+A on a PC.

  • Press Command + A on a Mac.

  • Press Shift + ctrl + End to select to choose from the cursor position till the End of the document.

  • Or you can also select ‘Edit’ > then ‘Select All’ from the menu.

However, if you only wish to convert a part of your document then select those objects from your cursor.

Be sure that the text only of a single page can be converted into the single image. So, for multiple pages you will have to follow the steps for every page.

2. Copy the selection

You can do this by:

  • By typing ctrl+C on a PC.

  • By typing Command + C on a Mac.

  • Now right click the selection and then choose to copy ‘.

  • Or you can also do it by clicking on the copy icon from the standard toolbar.

3. Open New Document

You will have to open a new Blank Word Document (this is the place where you will be pasting the selected text or document as an image).

4. Paste Special

In the home tab go on to the paste options by clicking on the selecting the downward arrow at the bottom of the button. Now Click on Paste Special, alternatively you can choose “Edit” > ‘Paste Special’.

5. Selecting the ‘Picture’

Under the “Paste Special” Window select the option “picture (Enhanced Metafile)”. Then click OK.

6. Select “Save as Picture” by Right Clicking

Now right click on the new image and choose “Save as Picture”. For Right Clicking on Mac, press and hold the ctrl key as you click.

7. choose the Format You Want

  Now select the format of your choice from the dropdown menu. And you are all done.

We recommend you save it as a png format. If you would like to upload it somewhere on the internet. Hence, it will give you the best quality resolution in a small size. 

  If you want to get the background in the End?

However, if you are having a black background in the backside of the image as a png or tiff. If it is so then try to open it in the converted image file via MS paint.


We hope this content blog was helpful for you and now you will not have to go on the online scammers to convert your document or text into an image or in a format you want. However, follow these steps carefully in order to get the desired results. And also, to get the maximum benefit. Share it with your friends who may also be seeking the same solution. Make sure you select the recommended format to save the image that is the png or tiff. And if you are getting the black background then get it done through the MS paints. Thank you.

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