How to Create a Survey Using Google Forms: Easy Steps to Follow

Many of us are huge fans of Google and you must be aware that Google various free tools. Google forms are one of the best free tools available by Google. Survey forms are much needed for many professionals out there. There are many paid tools out there by with you can create different types of forms. You can pay for different such online form creation tools and these can help you to build dynamic forms.

Google Forms is a Completely Free Tool

You don’t pay a single penny to use one of these free products of Google and to create a survey using Google forms is extremely easy.

Using Google forms enables you to collect information with surveys and feedback forms. Again, you don’t pay a single penny to collect this data. This data even comes in a very structured manner, like graph chart and pie chart and the data becomes understandable. Having a free tool is for sure, you don’t enjoy few features like the paid online form creation tools.

Create a Survey Using Google Forms

Creating a survey form using Google Forms is a one-stop solution for any kind of survey you are running. The entire process of creating the form to running the survey and data collection completely happens online so there is no extra pain to accomplish the service. This tool is great for everyday use. Be it a high time professional, businessman or student, everyone can use this simple tool.

Google Form Features

Here are some features of Google Forms that we have threw some light which will make you understand the strength of this tool better.

Create a survey Google forms allow different types of questions and answers. It is a dynamic approach of this form.

You have options like –

  • Full-text answers

  • Checkboxes

  • Ratings

With such kind of features, you can create forms for –

  • Online registration for event participants

  • Voting

  • Questionnaire for job applicants

  • Online research

  • Project brief

  • Customer feedback

Best Advantages of Using Google Forms

Like any other tool, using Google form comes with various advantages.

The below ones are the pros –

  • Ease of Use: You don’t need to download any file and send it to respondents. Respondents don’t need to send back replies.

  • Access to a Common and Simple Link: All the operation of Google Form happens with a simple link for the sender and receiver.

  • Designing Customization: You can use a service gallery or your images, using different colours and much more.

  • Easy Accessibility: A Google form can be stored on Google Drive. It can be accessed through different devices.

  • Responsive Form: You can create, preview, and edit a form on mobile devices without loss of functionality. It bridges the gap of not having a laptop in the case for any instances you don’t have access to your computer.

  • Public Access: You can co-edit a form with other team members.

  • Convenient Analytics: Survey results are automatically formed into tables and graphs that give amazing highlights to understand the analytics of your survey form.

How to Get Google Forms Access

To create a survey using Google forms, you need to get into the tool first.

To get into the tool, you can access this below link –

Survey Using Google FormsSurvey Using Google Forms
  • Click on the “Go to Google Forms”

  • That will give you to access to create a survey using Google Forms. Like the below image.

Survey Using Google Forms screen blankSurvey Using Google Forms screen blank
  • To create a form, you can take from the any given samples above. Or you can click on the black and start creating.

Google forms can also be accessed through Gmail home page as well.  

In you page where you emails are shown like this below image –

Survey Using Google Forms screen gmailSurvey Using Google Forms screen gmail

In the image, right beside the email DP where it is written O, if you click on that hamburger menu then you get to access Google forms.

Creating a Survey Using Google Form

  • Click on the blank option below to start with a survey form.

Survey Using Google Forms screen blankSurvey Using Google Forms screen blank
  • It is the basic screen you get to see on click.

Google Forms screen blank newGoogle Forms screen blank new
  • Here you can see the filled up responses of respondents.

  • Check here I have added a form description and a form name, just by clicking on the prewritten default names.  

Google Forms screen surveyGoogle Forms screen survey
  • In the below image you can see, you can create a question here and different types of answers.

Google Forms screen survey formGoogle Forms screen survey form
  • Check the below image, it is selected to “short answer” that respondents can write their name.

Google Forms screen survey form2Google Forms screen survey form2
  • Add another questions by clicking the plus sign marked as below

Google Forms screen survey form screen3Google Forms screen survey form screen3
  • You can added More MCQ as below

Google Forms screen survey form screen4Google Forms screen survey form screen4
  • With the features marked below, you can add an image or a video.

  • Upload files in Google Forms and Copy the answer or questions.

Google Forms screen survey form screen6Google Forms screen survey form screen6
  • It is the option in the header to change the appearance of the form.

  • Check your access of these features and it will help you enough to create a powerful survey form.

  • By clicking on “Send” at the header, you can directly send it to the respondents with a message.

Google Forms screen survey form screen 7Google Forms screen survey form screen 7
  • Or you can just take the link of the form after saving the form for the respondents and share the link with them or share it directly in social media.

Google Forms screen survey form screen 9Google Forms screen survey form screen 9

Hope it helps you to create your first survey form.

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