How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently on iPhone App and Browser

Are you looking for methods to delete your Facebook account permanently? In this article, we will show you the method to delete your Facebook account permanently and also the way to deactivate your account temporarily.

There could be many reasons why you would want to delete your Facebook account. Maybe you don’t understand Facebook or maybe you have some privacy concern perhaps you are tired of getting too many invites or requests or maybe you spend too much time on it keeping other works aside. Well! Whatever may the reason be, we are here to help you and resolve your issue.

How to permanently delete your Facebook account in iPhone app

  • Open the Facebook app on your iPhone and then tap on the three horizontal lines which you will see at the bottom of the screen. This way you will be able to open the Facebook menu.

  • Click on Settings and Privacy after that tap on Settings.

  • Click on Account Ownership and Control

  • On the page of Account Ownership and Control tap deactivation and Deletion.

  • Tap on Delete Account then continue to Account Deletion

  • The Account Deletion will be crowded with options, however, ignore the first one if you want to permanently delete your account. But remember the first option which says Deactivate your account is always preferable as whatever images and data you have in the account will not be lost. But if you have kept all the backup then you are good to go ahead and delete the account permanently.

  • It takes 30 days to delete your Facebook account permanently. Therefore if you decide within 30 days to come back and continue using the account. You can simply do that by restarting the Facebook app and logging in back to your account with the same credentials.

Delete your Facebook account permanently using Safari browser

If you find it tough to delete your Facebook account using the app, then you can make use of Safari Browser and delete your account on your iPhone.

  1. To do it you will have to open Safari and tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right of the browser. Scroll down and tap on Settings.

  2. Within you Facebook information section tap on Account and ownership control

  3. Tap Deactivation and Deletion from the account ownership and control page.

  4. Again it is recommended before you delete your account you might want to take benefit of the options it gives you. Only if you want to save the data and images you have in it. And if you already have its backup then you can go ahead and delete that by tapping on Delete Account. 

Measures you should take before you think you are deleting your Facebook Account

So if you have decided to plug off your Facebook account once and for all, then there are few things you might have to consider. Particularly you might wish to save a copy of your posts, personal data, images etc. Maybe the most important thing is that you will have to disconnect your Facebook account from other apps which you might be using through your Facebook account, so you do not login in to those apps, using Facebook credentials.

It is easy to create a copy of your personal data, therefore you will get the options to do this as the part of deleting your account.

You can easily disconnect your Facebook account from other apps, using Facebook app or through Safari Browser.

You Might be wonder how Deleting and Deactivating the Facebook account is different from each other?

It is not that tough to delete your Facebook account, but maybe you are looking for other options too and do not want to lose your Facebook account permanently. So here is why Facebook gives you the option between deleting or deactivating your Facebook account.

  • Deactivation of Facebook Account – if you are tired of using Facebook and looking to take a break from Facebook, then you can deactivate the account. All your pictures and posts will go offline and cannot be seen by other people. However messages will remain visible, so if you reactivate your account you will be able to see it.

  • Deletion of Facebook Account – if you delete the Facebook app from your phone it will not help in deleting your Facebook account as you can still be using it from your computer or any browser elsewhere. Therefore, deleting your account erases everything from your account which includes photos, videos, posts, and so on. However, if you want you can delete your account from the web browser or from the app itself as we discussed above. Facebook waits for 30 days that the user might change his or her mind and decides to come back, but after the period of 30 days, you will not be able to get back into it. So choose wisely.

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