How to Delete or Deactivate your Snapchat Account

Some people like to take a break from their social media handles. So if you want to delete or deactivate your Snapchat account here are the steps you can follow. It will be hard to delete the Snapchat account because you may not know what is happening around you. This can be a major drawback however this will be good for you. So take a digital detox and enjoy your days free without using the account in Snapchat. First of all, to delete the account you have to go to the desktop version of the app. Continue reading to know more.

Why Snapchat is famous?

Snapchat is an American-made multimedia messaging app from Snap Inc. This app is famous because it offers a lot of privacy for the users. Moreover, it also has features like stories that stay for twenty-four hours. There is also an option called Discover which helps the brands to show their ads and promotional contents.

The creators of this well-known and widely used app are Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. They were former students of Stanford University. Their app offered the new mobile-first direction in the social media world. The users can converse with virtual stickers on Snapchat. Through the short video or photo, the people using the app can talk and share it. Many people of the younger generation use the app specifically the youngsters below age sixteen.

The users can add their friends through their usernames and phone contacts. There are also customisable snapcodes and the feature called Add Nearby. It allows the users to scan for the Snapchat users near them and add them as friends.

What are the controversies surrounding Snapchat?

In 2013 Snapchat got hacked by anonymous hackers that caused security vulnerability to the app. The company tried to mitigate the problem and apologised to the users. Over the years it also got caught in many events like the Rihanna controversy, revenge porn, body image concerns, privacy concerns and more. However still many are using the app because of its great features to connect and share.

Know how to delete or deactivate the Snapchat account?

If you are ready to delete the Snapchat account then follow the steps here. Use your desktop to do the process.

  • Go the Snapchat accounts portal by visiting in your web browser.

  • Log into your Snapchat account by using the username and password.

  • Press the “Delete my account” which you can find in the next window.

  • Confirm the option and press continue. You may have to enter all the details again to confirm the process.

You will get a message from the app that you have successfully deactivated the account. Check if you get this email or not. Then after thirty days of deactivation, the account will delete. So before this time you have to make a decision to get back the Snapchat or not.  This will enable you to restore the data anytime.

What to keep in mind after deactivating Snapchat?

Your followers on Snapchat will not be able to contact you after this process. Notify them before you delete or deactivate your Snapchat account. This will help them to know that you are no longer using the Snapchat app.

Then if you want to reactivate the account you can do it before thirty days. You can log back into your account through your username and password. Also, it will take up to twenty-four hours for your account to reactivate. Then if you do not want to use Snapchat again then the account will get deleted after the thirty days. All the archives and the contacts in your app will also get deleted. Therefore get back the account if you like to use it again.

How to get back the pictures in Snapchat?

One of the best things about Snapchat is that the pictures and files you sent will get deleted after some time. This provides more security to the user. In 2016 Snapchat introduced a feature called Memories. The users were able to save snapshots and stories they created in the app-internal archive. This helped them to manage it better. Then they can also use the option “My eyes only” to store it with a pin. This ensured lots of privacy too. Furthermore, there are also features in it to store the pictures and files in the internet phone gallery. You can follow these steps to get your pictures and files.

  • Press the Snapchat profile and then go to the gear symbol.

  • You will find the Memories option if you scroll down.

  • Click on that option and press Save” on “Save in….

  • There will be various options like “Memories,” “Memories and recordings,” Choose the one you prefer.

Therefore this is the process you can follow to save the snaps you want to store on your phone before deleting the app. You need not lose all the important data along with the Snapchat account if you follow this idea.


These are the ways you can use to delete and deactivate the Snapchat account. You can save lots of your time if you choose to do this.

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