How to Download Media Files Appears to be Missing in WhatsApp

Some users have recently faced some issues regarding the media which they were not able to see on WhatsApp anymore. They get the error message as “Sorry the media file does not exist on your SD.” especially when trying to access the WhatsApp videos or pictures.

In this article we will give you some trouble shooting methods in order to recover the issue and get your media files.

Your WhatsApp media file missing how to recover?

Some users complained that they tried to access WhatsApp to see the videos or pictures and got the error message saying “sorry the media file does not exist in your internal storage.” therefore these files are just blurred and get missing without any reason.

Well, if you have been facing this issue too, or if you ever faced the issue then we have some methods to recover them.

Method 1. Copy those missing media files to the original WhatsApp folder

Did you know that all the media files, like photos or videos are automatically saved in your phones gallery as a WhatsApp folder? So, this time if you get this error message “sorry this media file does not exist.” make sure you are checking it on your phone gallery. If you are able to see them on your WhatsApp make sure you move them to another folder or a new folder.

In order to make it correct, try to look for the videos and images in your phone’s memory, simply copy and paste them in the WhatsApp folder, then open the media file in the WhatsApp again. Here you go, you are all set, you will notice that you will get it all back.

Method 2. Try and recover the missing WhatsApp media file with a recovery software

The other step if you cannot find the missing media files on your with method 1. It means that those files corrupted or might be deleted. Then in this case you need to try the recovery software in order to retrieve it.

  1.  Simply launch the android device to the computer. Now Launch EaseUS android recovery software. And then click on the scan button.

  2.  Let that software scan your device to find the lost data.

  3.  Have a look at all the recoverable WhatsApp pictures and videos, click or select those you wish to recover. By simply clicking on the ‘Recovery’ button to retrieve them.

Method 3. Reinstall App and Restore from Backup

Sometimes it may happen the files you are trying to look for might be deleted. WhatsApp always backs up your messages, videos, images or media. Either on google drive, on the android smartphone which you can choose from the settings.

Simply uninstall the WhatsApp and then install it again. After you begin to install it again you will be asked from WhatsApp if you want to restore data from the previous backups. If you select it as yes, then it will redownload all the media saved in the cloud backup of the device to restore them back on your device.

This step is easy and simple and very quick to resolve the issue. But in case you have not made any backup platform for WhatsApp like google drive or cloud then you will not be able to back up the data.

Some more useful tips to avoid this error message appear again

  • Simply be sure that your SD card has enough space to store or save the WhatsApp media files

  • The SD card does not set on to the ‘Read only’ mode.

  • Check it again that your SD card should be working properly. Because a corrupted SD card will not be able to save any files or media into it.

We hope this blog helped you in understanding the reason behind the lagging or not letting you see your media files on WhatsApp. Nothing to worry about you are not the only one who is facing this issue, there have been many. However, if you will be applying these methods as and according to the situation you will be able to resolve it easily.

Also, as we discussed you can also make use of the trusted software which will do the work for you, actually it should do the work for you. Therefore, if any of these methods work for you, then do share it with your pals and help them if they are stuck in a similar situation. All the best.

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