How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

2FA or Two-Factor Authentication is the term that most social media users have heard in 2021. After the Facebook account hacks, data hacks and money thefts, different types of scams, 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication is something that got the attention of netizens. This article shares all details to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) works by adding a layer of security to your online accounts. So, if you are a user of any social media network, and if you are yet not aware of this feature, then you must try it.

2FA Details2FA Details

Hype of Instagram

In recent years, Instagram has gotten huge attention for its glamorous-looking timeline, amazing image filters, and much more features and most of the social media lovers out there are massively using this platform. To support the same with data, as per the latest reports Instagram has 1 billion global active users. As a fact, the 1 billion MAUs made Instagram the 6th largest social network worldwide. Here is the breakdown of the data country-wise.

Source – Backlinko

Likewise any other social media platforms, two-factor authentication is also mandatory for Instagram. It keeps your user account safe and data protected from theft. So, you need to active two-factor authentication on Instagram.

Activate two-factor authentication on Instagram

There are two ways to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram. You can follow any of the ways to implement the same. To activate two-factor authentication on Instagram you can either use an authenticator app or you can do it by receiving text messages on your mobile. Technically, authenticator apps are more secure than text messages for receiving one-time passwords. Activate two-factor authentication on Instagram becomes very easy with apps. Instagram for Android makes it easeful for you to enable two-factor authentication.

Two-Factor Authentication in Instagram for iPhone

You can follow these steps. The following steps are the same on Instagram for iPhone.

First, you have to access the two-factor authentication page on Instagram.  To do that, open the Instagram app and then tapping the profile icon in the bottom-right corner as shown in the below image.

Instagram ProfileInstagram Profile
  • You have to click on the profile icon. And then you get to see three lines icon, or the hamburger icon on the top right corner of the app. It would look something like the below image. Click there.

Instagram Profile settingInstagram Profile setting
  • From the above step you will end up visiting the below panel and then click on settings.

Instagram Profile setting optionInstagram Profile setting option
  • By clicking the settings, you will see the below panel where the option of security will be given. Refer the image below.

Instagram SecurityInstagram Security
  • There comes the chance of accessing and further to activate the two-factor authentication on Instagram.

  • Like shown in the below image, make sure you are clicking on “Two-Factor Authentication”

Instagram Security 2FAInstagram Security 2FA
  • To activate the two-factor authentication on Instagram is a complete setup. And now you have to run the same.

  • After doing the above, now run the set up of two-factor authentication. Like shown in the image below, you get to see a big call to action as “Get Started”. Click there.

  • In this step, you can either use authenticator apps or text messages to receive two-factor authentication codes.

Activate the two-factor authentication on Instagram by using 2FA App

There is one best app for activating two-factor authentication i.e. Google Authenticator App.

Google AuthenticatorGoogle Authenticator

Google Authenticator app is the best app out there for two-factor authentication.

  • Like shown below, in your Instagram app, you can select the option of activating the two-factor authentication with the help of an app.

Instagram Security 2FA setInstagram Security 2FA set
  • Now, the Instagram will now prompt you to download an authentication app.

  • But, before that copy the key that you’ll need to set this up.

  • At the bottom of this page, you’ll see a button labelled as “Set Up Another Way.” Click there.

Instagram Security 2FA set steupInstagram Security 2FA set steup
  • Once you click the above button, the Instagram’s authentication code will appear onscreen.

  • Copy this code and paste it into Google Authenticator. Tap “Copy Key.” Refer to the below image for the same.

Instagram Security 2FA set steup Copy keyInstagram Security 2FA set steup Copy key
  • Click on “Copy Key” to get the key.

  • Stop here with the Instagram app and come to the app store of your smartphone.

Setting Google Authenticator App

  • Download Google Authenticator on Android or iPhone.

  • Other authentication apps or alternatives such as Authy, Duo Mobile, can be used as well.

  • Once you download the Google Authentication App, you have to get started there.

Google Auth SetGoogle Auth Set
  • In case you are an existing user of this app, then tap the “+” button in the bottom-right corner. Or just “Get started”.

  • After that enter the set-up key like shown below.

Instagram Security 2FA set steup Copy key start Enter keyInstagram Security 2FA set steup Copy key start Enter key
  • Going further, you can add a name for your account.

  • Try to give some random names here. You can simply keep your name, or you’re your Instagram account name.

  • The best part is, you can use multiple accounts to do 2FA in this app.

  • While doing it for multiple Instagram accounts, make sure you’re able to give unique names and you can find the correct authentication code easily.

  • After the name, paste the string of text into the “Key” field and tap “Add.”

Instagram Security 2FA set steup Copy key start Enter key detailsInstagram Security 2FA set steup Copy key start Enter key details
  • Check the Instagram authentication code on Google Authenticator. Refer the below image.

  • Tap the code and it’ll automatically be copied to your clipboard.

Instagram Security 2FA set key detailsInstagram Security 2FA set key details
  • Now, come back to the Instagram and paste the code you just copied. Like shown below.

Instagram Security 2FA set key details enterInstagram Security 2FA set key details enter

This step, activate the two-factor authentication on Instagram.

Now, the time when you log on to Instagram, you have to enter your username and password first, followed by the authentication code from Google Authenticator.

It makes your Instagram account securer and safe. And going further anyone won’t be able to access your account if you don’t have the code.


Q. Does two-factor authentication work on Instagram?

A. There are several ways to setup the two-factor authentication on Instagram and it works very well for authentication. You can set-up the two-factor authentication on Instagram by following steps provided in above article.

Q. How do you get two factors on Instagram?

A. You can get two factors on Instagram by Setting options. For details, kindly click here

Q. Is two-factor authentication safe?

A. You can apply or set two-factor authentication for your social accounts like Instagram, Facebook etc. It is very safe and can help you to secure your account.

Q. What is the 6 digit code for Instagram?

A. The 6 digit code for Instagram shows when you have enabled two-factor authentication on Instagram. It is a security setting to keep your account secure and send 6 digit code on your registered mobile number when your try to access your account.

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