How to Fix if Internal Microphone Not Working in Windows 10

Has it happened anytime that while doing an online conference, you can’t hear or convey your message to the receiver? It is a very common problem to most laptop users out there, and that too for most of the laptop brands. Although if you keep the health of your PC in check then it won’t happen! But what if the issue occurs at a crucial time and gets you pissed off? Well, we have the hands-on fix for the internal microphone in Windows 10 problems.

In most cases, when the internal microphone in Windows 10 is not working, it can be due to a problem with the microphone settings or configuration. It can be due to the device drivers, or even a broken microphone or faulty internal wiring.

Sometimes even a driver update for the microphone fixes the issue but not always.

But before you get pissed off and run to the service center and end up paying some bucks, check these troubleshooting tips and proven fixes.

Possible Reasons of Microphone Errors

Different functions and features in laptop faces a failure mostly due to the software or hardware problems. Such issues can occur through –

  • Settings

  • Software Outdated

  • Configurations

  • Virus Threats

  • Hardware Issues

  • Driver Conflicts

Given the issues of the internal microphone in Windows 10, if you can check from the below mentioned troubleshoots then it can be solved within a minute.

  • Check – Microphone Settings & Configuration – Check whether you have kept the microphone feature on mute mode. You can check it in the taskbar when the microphone is attached. Also, check the configuration of the microphone. Sometimes when you configure it the wrong way, the feature functions the wrong way. It can easily be checked by the system control panel in your PC.

  • Check – Microphone Drivers – In most cases, it has been seen that the microphone driver has been outdated. If your microphone driver is bad or out of date, the microphone will fail to work properly. It implies all versions of Windows. You can just go to the official Microsoft website and download the updated driver from there. And then install the same. Or check for updates. A quick update of the driver or the complete OS (if available) will fix it.

  • Check – Hardware Issues – It is a matter of hardware and internal wiring, although it doesn’t happen usually. If your laptop has fallen from your hand badly then this might occur. Otherwise, it is a rare problem. Any form of liquid interaction or water interaction with the PC can also occur this kind of issue. It needs to be resolved by the service center. 

Fixing Your Internal microphone in Windows 10

There are several ways to fix the same.

Fix 1 :

  • Unmute your microphone.

  • Find out the microphone from the control panel. You can search the same in the control panel.  

  • If you don’t get into the control panel, or don’t find the icon in the taskbar while the microphone is attached, then right click on your desktop screen and click on “Personalize”.

  • Under that you will find the option of microphone.

Fix 2 :

  • Check from your PC control panel.

  • Your microphone may also be muted in your sound settings. To check this:

  • Open the Control Panel.

  • Select Hardware and Sound.

  • Look for the Sound option and click

  • Find the Recording.

  • Right-click your microphone, and click Properties.

  • Click Levels.

  • If the microphone icon has a crossed-out red circle next to it, click it to unmute.

Fix 3 :

  • Set the microphone settings to default.

  • Make sure you haven’t made any changes in the open volume mixer or open sound settings.

  • Even if you have done that, then fix it.

  • Open the Control Panel.

  • Select Hardware and Sound.

  • Look for the Sound option and click

  • Find the Recording.

  • Click your microphone.

  • Click Set Default.

Fix 4 :

  • Do an automatic troubleshoot for your computer sound system in Windows 10.

  • In the taskbar find the icon of computer sound.

  • Do a right click.

  • The very last option it will be mentioned as “Troubleshoot Sound Problems”.

  • Click that.

  • It will start detecting problems.

  • Select the option of realtek high definition audio version from there (given that you have the driver) and click next.

  • This way it will get fixed and it might redirect you to audio enhancements.

  • If you need to enhance the audio then go ahead or else try checking the microphone once. It should work.

Fix 5 :

  • Check for audio driver updates.

  • Check it on the official website of your PC brand.

  • If your microphone driver is bad or out of date, then consider updating it.

  • If you need to download the latest version then download the same from that website.

  • Install the latest version.

  • Make sure to restart your computer after installing a new driver. It won’t take full effect until after a restart.  

Hope these fixes will resolve your issue of internal microphone in Windows 10. If not then consider taking a professional help.


Q. Why is my microphone not working Windows 10?

A. There could be many reasons for the microphone not working in Windows 10. Sometimes driver issues also can affect the microphone. To know more to debug and fix your microphone, kindly read the above article.

Q. How do I fix my mic not working?

A. If you internal mic is not working in windows 10, you can fix it by following different solution, for details go through above article.

Q. Why microphone is not working on laptop?

Q. When the microphone is not working on the laptop, then it could because of some wrong configuration. You can check it and fix. For more details, follow the steps or solution describe in the article.

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