How to fix if Microsoft Teams Camera not Working on PC and Mac

Sometimes your Microsoft Teams app may refuse to detect the camera. This will make it hard for you to join the video conference. But there are some methods you can follow to take care of this issue. If the camera is not functioning properly then there may be an error in the system. First, you can run the troubleshooter to find the problem. If the problem persists there are other ways to resolve it. Have a look at the following steps to make the camera work again. This will enable you to join the video conference again. Continue reading to know more.

Why Microsoft Teams is necessary?

Today the work environment has changed. This is because of the new normal that made people work in the comfort of their homes. So to get in touch with their colleagues and bosses people are using video conferencing methods. The tools like Microsoft Teams offer lots of options such as chat facility and video conferencing. Therefore, Microsoft Teams is a unified platform that helps users to work effectively.

But many users have experienced issues with it. The most common issue is that of the Teams failing to detect the camera. So the users cannot start the video to join the video conference. They do not know the reason behind this problem. If you are one of those people find the steps here to fix this.

How can you make Microsoft Teams detect the camera?

1. Check Microsoft Teams has access to use Webcam.

Follow the steps below to give access for the Teams to make use of webcam.

  • Click the Windows Key + I.

  • Then go to the privacy option.

  • After that select the camera option.

  • Next, ensure whether you have allowed the apps to access the camera.

  • Then check if the chosen apps got activated to use the camera. If it is already ON then turn OFF. After a few minutes turn it ON again.

  • If you are using windows 10 you have to give the apps permission to use the hardware components. Then only the apps such as Microsoft Teams or Skype will be able to access the webcam.

2. Try updating all the drivers

One of the main reasons for the cameras not working is because of its not being up to date. So, if the camera is an older version it may not work. That is why it is always essential to keep the drivers up to date. Here are the following steps to update the driver.

  • Firstly, open the windows search bar.

  • Then search by typing for the Device Manager.

  • After that choose one of the categories in it.

  • Right-click on the device you need to update.

  • Next, select the option Update Driver.

  • Now the windows will start the process of scanning and updating the driver if there is a new version.

3. Try running the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter

Some issues in the system can affect the performance of the camera. Therefore, to find the issue you can run the troubleshooter. If there is an unidentifiable error the troubleshooter will detect it and report it to you. Follow the steps below to run the troubleshooter.

  • First of all, go to the start option on your PC.

  • Then visit the setting page.

  • In the settings select the Update & Security option.

  • Next, choose the Troubleshoot.

  • The system will start the troubleshooting process and will show you the results at the end of it.

  • Try re-registering the webcam

  • Firstly, click the Windows + X keys.

  • Then go to the device manager.

  • After that find the Imaging devices.

  • Next right clicks on the camera device and select uninstall.

  • After that press OK.

  • Then choose the action.

  • Select the option Scan for hardware changes.

  • Lastly, reboot the PC.

If the Teams app is not able to detect the camera then check if the extra devices are causing the issue. Some may use multiple webcams for the front and rear camera. Moreover, they may also connect a USB camera. Try the following steps to disable the extra devices.

  • Go to start.

  • Then find the Device Manager and open the app.

  • After that enlarge the Imaging devices, Cameras and others option.

  • Next right clicks on the webcam and choose the option to disable it.

  • After these steps check if the camera is working or not.

5. Try reinstalling the Microsoft Teams app

There may be some problems with the Microsoft app so try uninstalling the app and installing it again. Here are the steps you can follow to do the process.

  • Go to the settings.

  • Then press on the apps.

  • After that click the option Apps & features.

  • Then find the Microsoft Teams app.

  • Select the uninstall button.

  • Next, click the uninstall button again.

  • To download the app again go to the Microsoft Teams page.

  • Select the Download Teams button.

  • Launch the installer and install the app.


The above steps will help you to make the camera work again when using the Microsoft Teams app. Therefore, work effectively and efficiently with the Microsoft Teams app.

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