How to Fix the League of Legends Game to Work on Windows 10

League of Legends is a 2009 game created by Riot Games. But it is still popular in 2021. You may want to play League of Legends on your Windows 10. However, the game may not work in the system. Have you experienced the problem of League of Legends not working on your PC? To fix League of Legends, you have to know the system requirements to play it on your Windows 10 PC. Therefore, if your League of Legends game is not opening, you can follow the steps given here.

Some users try to update their drivers to open League of Legends. Moreover, some even open it in different locations on their PC. These are some of the tricks that will help you to open the game. But there are other steps too. Here you will learn how to fix the issues of League of Legends not working? League of Legends not starting? and League of Legends not opening?

How to fix the issue of the League of Legends not opening?

Try to reinstall the graphic card drivers.

Many users have reported the cause of League of Legends not opening. They claimed that there might be issues with the graphics card. Do you know that the graphics card is very important for game launches? So, if there is a problem with the graphics card you have to fix it. You can try removing the graphics card. Then you can use the default drivers instead of it. So, after you have removed all the drivers, you can try restarting your Windows 10 and install the default drivers. After doing this, check if the problem is present or not. If the problem persists, you can try the next step.

Try reinstalling League of Legends.

You can try removing the League of Legends game itself and install it again. Or else you can download League of Legends from the beginning and install it. This will make the League of Legends work in Windows 10. There is an application called the uninstaller software that can remove the programs in your windows 10 completely. Therefore, you can use this program. Also, there are other uninstaller applications that you can try using. After removing the game, you can reinstall it and try if it is opening or not.

Open League of Legends from the Installation directory

If the League of Legends is not launching in your Windows 10, there may be an issue with the shortcut. So, you can try opening the game from the installation directory itself. If you found out that the game is opening from the installation directory, you must constantly open it the same way. You can make a shortcut of LeagueClient.exe on your pc and then open the League of Legends game.

Disable all the other League of Legends actions

To disable all the League of Legends actions on your PC, follows the steps below.

  • First, press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc to begin the Task Manager.

  • Then locate the LoLLauncher.exe and LoLClient.exe actions and stop them. You have to right-click on that process to end them and then click End Task.

  • After disabling all the actions, check if the League of Legends is opening or not.

  • If it opens, then the background actions were the problem behind the League of Legends not opening.

End the troublesome applications

Some applications in your windows 10 can cause problems for the other applications. So they may not open. That is why you have to stop these applications’ processes when trying to launch the League of Legends for Fix. One application in the PC that can cause interference for the League of Legends is the Steam application. Therefore, if you have Steam, you can close it before opening League of Legends. Furthermore, another application that can cause issues is Razer Synapse. So, remember to close it too.

Repairing the installation

Here is a way you can follow when installing the League of Legends.

  • You can launch the League of Legends as an administrator. Do this by right-clicking on the shortcut and selecting Run as administrator.

  • If the launcher opens, you have to press the Cogwheel icon and then select Repair.

  • The process of repair will start after this process. It can take some time.

The common user problems with League of Legends

  • The League of Legends not launching after clicking the launch

This problem is one of the common ones experienced by users when opening League of Legends. This issue usually happens because of Steam or Razer Synapse. Therefore, you can close down the applications before launching the game.

  • League of Legends not opening

This issue can happen in all versions of Windows. You can use the solutions above to get rid of this issue. It will be compatible with all versions of windows, even the older ones. So why is League of Legends not opening? It may be because of the corrupt files in the game.

  • League of Legends not starting

Many users have reported this issue. The League of Legends will not start at all for them. If you are experiencing this issue, you can try starting the League of Legends from the installation directory. So how can you start League of Legends? You can try downloading the game file from the official website. Then complete the installation wizard and try starting the game.

  • League of Legends black screen

You can get rid of this issue by trying the solutions given above. It is also a common issue.


These are the ways that will help you to open the League of Legends in your Windows 10. Play the fantastic game and enjoy your free time.

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