How to Get, Configure, and Remove Microsoft Edge Extensions

Microsoft added extensions on its Edge for Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This made the browser even more effective. Now the Edge is supporting extensions and many people are using it more than before. Here you will learn how to add the extensions in the Edge.

Microsoft is using a Chromium open-source project through the Microsoft Edge. This is to offer better web compatibility. The Microsoft Edge works with the Chromium web engine similar to the Google Chrome browser. So, this new tool in Microsoft will offer great web compatibility and performance. Also, this new tool is available in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server, macOS and more. As a user, you will be able to boost their productivity, enjoy surfing the internet and also personalise the browsing experience and more. Moreover, there is also some add-ons in the Microsoft Edge. Know about it here.

What do you know about Microsoft Edge extensions?

A Microsoft Edge Extension or the add-on is a tool available in the browser. The extensions in the Edge are beneficial to make your life easier. You can customize the extensions according to your preferences and use them for your daily projects. Also, you can add the features that you prefer. The add-ons in the Edge have different purposes so they will satisfy your work requirements. For instance, there are password managers, reminders, translate pages, shops and many more in the Extensions. You can add on the ones that you like and use them. If you do not need them then you can remove them at any time.

Some add-ons only become active if you click it and add them. But others work in the background. Furthermore, some extensions extend their features when you allow them. You may have to log in to enjoy its full benefit. Here are some of the best extensions in Edge.

  • Norton Family

This is an add-on that helps families to protect their kids when they are using their internet. With this add-on, they can control what their kids need to see on the internet.

  • GoFullPage

This add-on allows you to capture the screenshot of the full page easily.  You can use it for your work or school projects. 

  • StayFocused

If you have set up the goal of limiting the time you spend on your computer then you can add this extension. It will help you to stay focused.

  • Microsoft Editor

This add-on helps you to check the grammar and spelling in your content.

  • Xbox New tab

You can access the Xbox browser easily with this add-on.

How to add the Microsoft Edge extensions?

You will be able to add the Microsoft extensions from Add-ons Store. It is available all days at any time. If you prefer there are also other sources like Chrome Web Store from where you can add Microsoft Edge extensions. You can also configure and remove the extensions depending on your need. Know about the steps here. But first, let’s see how to add the Microsoft Edge extensions.

  • Firstly, open the Microsoft edge.

  • Then visit the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store. Here you can search for the add-on you like.

  • Click on the extension such as Evernote web clipper.

  • The prompt showing permissions will be on the screen. You have to review the extension permission and then add the extension.

  • The next prompt will show that the extension has added to the screen.

To add the extension from the Chrome web store, follow the steps below.

  • You have to open the Microsoft Edge.

  • Then you have to go to the settings and have to allow the extensions from other sources.

  • Now go to the Chrome web store and look for the extension you would like to add.

  • Click the extension and add it to Chrome. 

  • Then a prompt with permission will come on the screen. You have to review the permissions before adding the extension.

  • After that, a prompt showing extension will get added.

How to remove the Extension from Microsoft Edge in Toolbar?

  • Firstly, open Microsoft Edge.

  • Right-click on the extension and hold it. Then you will see an option to remove the extension. Click on it.

  • Then you have to confirm it.

How to remove Microsoft Edge Extension in Extension settings?

  • Firstly, open Microsoft Edge.

  • Now tap on the settings and then the extensions.

  • After that tap the remove link which will be under the extension.

  • Then tap to confirm your action.

How to manage the Extensions?

  • To manage the Extensions, you have already added in the Edge you have to open the Extensions area.

  • Then highlight a specific Extension and choose the Cogwheel to get the extra settings like the Uninstall and more.

  • This will help you to configure the Extension in the Edge. All the management around the Extensions is under the Windows Store.


These are the ways with which you can add the extension, configure it and remove it. The extensions are making many people’s lives easier.

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