How to Get a Perfect Score on the SAT Writing Section

Are you facing issues with the writing section in your SAT(Scholastic Assessment Test) exam? Well, you are not the only one who is struggling with it, there are many students who face it every year. And they do not really know the best method to break this score range and score around 600 or higher.

In this article we will be discussing how to improve your writing section in SAT. If you follow these steps there are many chances that you will be able to crack it easily in your next attempt.

In this article we will be learning about how to score a 600 on the SAT writing section.

You should know that you can always raise your SAT Writing Score

This is not just a line to write, it is very true that if you desire you can do anything. Practice makes everyone perfect. I, being a trainer have noticed that many students beat themselves day after day. Earlier they used to score lower but after practicing and applying few strategies they are able to increase their own scores.

Now let’s take a deeper look, there is a very less chance that if you are appearing for SAT you would not be zero in grammar. Obviously, you would be knowing some basics of grammar, maybe the ones you learnt in school?  However only knowing basics are not enough because SAT’s questions are quite weird. Well, this is the way SAT is designed so that everyone would be able to answer it if they put little logic.

Let us have a look on a SAT writing question which asks you to notice a grammar error in this –

“The commissioner, along with his 20 staff members, run a tight campaign against the incumbent.”

YOU try to resolve it on your own before reading ahead!

Ok, so error in this sentence is subject/verb agreement. The subject in the above sentence is ‘commissioner’ which is singular. The verb here is ‘run’ but because the subject is singular it should be ‘runs’.

However, if you failed in finding out the error then you will have to get in the trap of classes for SAT. As it purposely confuses you with the interrupting sentences in between like “along with his 20 staff members”. Because of this you are bound to imagine 20 people which suggest a plural word.

What does it take get a 600 (or 30) on SAT Writing?

If you have a target score in mind then it is good to prepare that way however you should know that in the writing section you should be scoring at least 30 out of 40. However, writing scores are a bit complicated, unlike the mathematics sections which are scored on a scale of 200-600.

Strategies for improving Your Low SAT score

Get habitual of SAT writing formats

The SAT writing format will, the passage will be on the left-hand side while the questions related to it will be on the right-hand side. This format is made so you can get a little distracted with the question making it a little harder for you, but when you have the habit of reading this style you will easily be able to understand it. Remember it can be quite tricky.

You should know what is being tested on SAT writing

Firstly, you should be comfortable with the text format, then you should know what is being asked. It will eventually come after a few days of practice. You will not get confused like the above sentence after you practice and know the strategies especially when you are comfortable with the passage writing format and the questions.

Do not spend more than 30 seconds on a question

Remember that all the sections of the SAT exam are equally important to attempt. Hence it is not recommended to spend more than 30 seconds per question as it can consume a lot of your time if you spend more than this on a single question. You have 35 mins to answer the 44 questions. However, if you find spending yourself more than 30 seconds on a single question then skip it for now.

No Excuses

The main strategy is that you should be giving any excuse for learning the SAT exam pattern and prepare for it. If it takes you to join classes then join that. If it requires you to give most of your time to studying it then give it. But do not make excuses in order to crack the SAT examination with a good score. In fact, keep questioning yourself. Why did you skip that question? Or what was your mistake? Try to create such SAT questions of your own putting the same error pattern you found in the question. That way you will be able to learn it better.

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